The 8 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Lose up to 13 Pounds in 8 Days with 25 Delicious Recipes

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The 8 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

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  • 17 mei 2015
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Want to Lose 13 Pounds in 8 Days, Without Being Hungry?Are you Ready to supercharge your immune system, and prevent heart disease and diabetes with a green smoothie cleanse?

I want you to take off the weight and get healthy. This book will show you how to use green smoothies for weight loss that is effective, rapid, and long-term.

Lose weight by drinking ridiculously healthy, tasty, and filling green smoothie recipes.

Green smoothies are nutritional powerhouses. When made right, they are packed with protein, fiber and good fat to fill you up and give you energy. They are also loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your body and brain working in top condition. Each green smoothie recipe contains four or more servings of fruits and vegetables. When you add them into your daily routine, it is easy to get a balanced diet and proper nutrition. The perfect diet food, drinking a green smoothie for weight loss will melt off the pounds while keeping you from feeling hungry and craving sweets.

Green smoothies detox the body and get you healthy.

Green smoothies are loaded with the foods doctors recommend for lowering blood pressure and bad cholesterol. They are chock full of the vitamins and minerals that researchers are most convinced will help to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, dementia, and depression. And they are the ultimate antioxidants, fighting the free radicals which change cells and cause aging and many types of cancers.

But eating right doesn’t just help ward off major illnesses and conditions. A healthy diet also cranks up your immune systems and makes you less likely to get sick, and more likely to get well faster. Sufficient amounts of the right micronutrients like magnesium help your body deal with stress, prevent headaches, fight fatigue, and keep your hormones in balance.

Save time by preparing quick, healthy breakfasts and lunches with 25 new recipes in this green smoothie recipe book.

Green smoothies combine leafy greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, fillers, and spices to create great tasting combinations that you will enjoy drinking. The green smoothie recipes in this book are a starting point, but the book goes much further. It gives you a green smoothie equation to teach you to make drinks on your own that maximize both nutrition and taste for a strong lifetime habit.

About the author:

Francesca DiMarco spent the first 18 years of her life without ever trying a green vegetable. Her family indulged the self-described “pickiest eater on earth’s” love for grilled cheese sandwiches and plain hamburgers until she left home for college. When she got a job at a gourmet seafood restaurant, the starving student’s world flipped inside out as she discovered the magic of good food. Fish and fresh vegetables became her new best friends. Since then she has constantly pushed her gastronomic boundaries, and will now eat anything “except coleslaw on pizza.” These days, she travels with her family as much as she can, seeking out new vistas and cuisine. Her goal is to share her late discovery of the rich beauty of healthy eating with as many picky eaters as she can.

Learn the secrets of eating well and losing weight. Scroll up and grab your copy ofThe 8 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse today!



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Francesca Dimarco

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