The Anti-Anxiety Notebook: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Other Essentials

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Jo Elle x Therapy Notebooks

Mental healthcare is expensive nowadays and people have to wait long to get appropriate help. Jo Elle stands for accessible mental healthcare, that's why we partnered up with Therapy Notebooks, an American company that created the Anti-Anxiety Notebook together with a team of licensed psychologists. With this book, you can feel immediate relief from your anxious thoughts*

Note: If you found us via the website of Therapy Notebooks, you may have noticed that the design is different. This is because Therapy Notebooks changed the design of their notebooks end of 2022. The information and explorative questions inside stayed the same, only the cover is different.

*if you read over the content in the book and try answer the questions it asks you.

Therapy Notebooks: the Anti Anxiety Notebook

Reduce anxiety, manage stress, and become more aware of your thought patterns with this easy-to-use, guided notebook. Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a rigorously-tested and widely-used treatment, you’ll develop the skills to identify, challenge, and change unhelpful thought patterns so you can feel better.

Who this helps

Have you ever found yourself feeling tense or unable to relax, but you’re not sure why? Or maybe you’re experiencing dread that you can’t quite pinpoint? The Anti-Anxiety Notebook is a playbook for immediately addressing what’s causing your stress—giving you a sense of greater control over your emotions.

How it works

1. Set your intentions

At the start of The Anti-Anxiety Notebook, you'll check-in on your anxiety and set intentions for what change you want to see and feel. Plus, read helpful therapist tips to get started journaling right away.

Knowing what you want to get out of The Anti-Anxiety Notebook will help you build self-awareness, motivation, focus—and track progress and growth—as you begin using the tools of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

2. Learn about anxiety and the tools that work best for in-the-moment support

We want to empower you with research and mental health knowledge about your lived experience with anxiety. Take some time to skim through the introduction and resources in the back to orient yourself to the journaling experience.

When we understand how or why a tool or method works, we’re often much better equipped to put it into practice. Our therapists distilled some of the best practices for anxiety so you can contextualize your day-to-day journaling practice in proven methods.

3. Use the structured journal entries daily and after stressful situations

Each journal entry is designed for you to use daily for ongoing reflection, or for when you need it. They're meant to take the pressure off by giving you helpful prompts and options for how you want to journal.

Most of us have tried (and struggled) to insert a daily journaling exercise into our routines. Instead, the journal is here when you need it, so it never feels forced or like a chore.

4. Continue reflection with thoughful notes crafted by therapists, for you

Each journal entry includes a Note From a Therapist with open space for continued writing. These are therapist-crafted tips, prompts, and guidance to help you cultivate deeper self-awareness and more “aha!” moments.

Once you've had a chance to process and reframe your stressful situation, the reflection gives you a chance to take a step back and think about the bigger picture.


  • 100 Guided Journal Entries for In-the-moment Support
    • Whenever you feel something emotionally potent, start a journal entry. Journal entries help you recognize that what’s happening in your mind is in fact not reality, just your perception of reality. This creates the space necessary to challenge and, over time, diminish your negative thoughts.
  • Structured exercises proven to help reduce anxiety and track patterns
    • Your notebook asks you a series of prompts that help reframe your unhelpful thoughts and take a new perspective on the situation. This exercise is widely-used by therapists and their clients who do CBT, but is presented in a more accessible format that you can utilize any time you feel anxious or stressed.
  • 5 Check-Ins covering different therapy tools for anxiety
    • In addition to the CBT-based journal entries that are the backbone of this notebook, we’ve included 5 other effective, evidence-based techniques to help you find and explore the tools that are most suited to your individual needs. These sections are also an opportunity for your to check in, reflect, and take stock of how far you’ve come.
  • 100+ notes and tips from therapists
    • This notebook is filled with 100+ notes from therapists to help guide you as you journal. There’s one per journal entry, but it’s also useful to skim through a few pages whenever you need additional guidance, tips, or insight.

This notebook is filled with 272 pages of 75 gsm cream paper for a smooth & fluid writing experience. Hardcover, with a thread-sewn, flat-lay binding. Linen cover material. Heat-sealed ribbon. (LxWxH): 8.25 x 5.25 x 0.80 in, 0.95 lb.


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