The Come as You Are Workbook A Practical Guide to the Science of Sex


The Come as You Are Workbook

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Uitgever: Simon & Schuster

Auteur: Emily Nagoski
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781982107321
  • 11 juli 2019
  • 224 pagina's
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A new, practical workbook from the New York Times Bestselling author of Come As You Are that allows you to apply the books groundbreaking research and understanding of why and how womens sexuality works to everyday life. In the twentieth century, womens sexuality was seen as Mens Sexuality Lite : basically the same, but not quite as good. From genital response to sexual desire to orgasm, we just couldnt understand that complicated, inconsistent, crazy-making lady business. That is, until Emily Nagoski changed the game with her New York Times bestseller, Come As You Are. Using groundbreaking science and research, she proved that the most important factor in creating and sustaining a sex life filled with confidence and joy is not what the parts are or how theyre organized, but how you feel about them. Which means that things like stress, mood, trust, and body image are not peripheral factors in a womans sexual wellbeing; they are central to it. And, that even if you dont yet feel that way, you are already sexually whole. Nagoskis book changed countless womens lives and approaches to sex, and now she offers the next step. the Come As You Are Workbook is a practical companion to this Bestselling guide, filled with new activities, prompts, and thought-provoking examples to help you exercise and expand on the knowledge youve learned. This collection of worksheets, journaling prompts, illustrations, and diagrams is a practical and engaging companion for anyone who wants to further their understanding of their own bodies and sex lives.



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11 juli 2019
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Emily Nagoski
Simon & Schuster

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