The Escape Ebook Tooltip A True Story

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  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781412224291
  • 10 oktober 2005
  • Adobe ePub
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The Escape is a true story about courage, willpower, persistence and trust in God.

Gustavo Nadasi was born in 1931 in Budapest, Hungary. He was raised in a loving family along with an older brother. Things seemed to be going "normal" in Gustavo's young life until sometime in 1943, when the threats of Nazism/Communism started slowly creeping their way into his life and the life of his loved ones. At only 12 years old Gustavo witnessed the atrocities performed at Hitler's command, as well as survived bombings and cold blooded murders right in front of his young eyes. At the age of 19, Gustavo started attending the Budapest University and while there, something happens that eventually changes his life forever... Because of this incident at the university, Gustavo finds himself having no choice but to flee his own country in search of freedom. This story will take you through the breathtaking details of Gustavo's escape, having to swim across the Danube River and literally go days without any food, amazingly and miraculously making his way through the borders of communism, and eventually setting foot on "free land". This book will make you feel as if you were there at each moment of his journey, while Gustavo tries so desperately to conquer the impossible, and through his own willpower and faith in God, makes it out alive. This story will touch your heart in many ways. Just open the first pages of this book and enter the world of Gustavo's "escape"; you won't be able to put it down and your life will be forever changed.



Oorspronkelijke releasedatum
10 oktober 2005
Ebook Formaat
Adobe ePub


Aurea Nadasi
Trafford Publishing

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