The Nocturns of a Road Monk A Collection of Then and Now Verse

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The Nocturns of a Road Monk
Auteur: Ronnie Vehorn
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781478734086
  • 14 mei 2014
  • 312 pagina's
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Some poets amuse; some paint pictures; some entertain or create rhymes for all occasion cards They serve a purpose and occupy their post in culture. Other poets put emotions and events into words that store them as memories Then there are the fringe poets who make connections between moments in Time and enduring moments in Eternity. Those weavers of words are spurred on by a need to make sense out of existence. Their verses are prophetic and self-examining Their verses are generally misunderstood until the next low tide in history proves they did see a future others could not grasp. A few poets come to mind as examples of this school of poets Walt Whitman..DH Lawrence..TS Eliot..Joseph Brodsky Their poetry rises out of observant and questioning minds. Their creations come with restless spirits and a quest of searching for connections They come across as critical because what they experience does not make sense So they point out inconsistencies and remind us that the lessons of history are not remembered. THE NOCTURNS OF A ROAD MONK, written by Ronnie Vehorn, is an addition to this poetic tradition.The desire to find connections, to make sense, or to face the contradictions that society will not face run through these poems creating a path that readers can follow in their own journeys. Vehorn maintains a comparable style of the power of words. The ability to connect familiar contexts in new ways adds depth to the work. Reading THE NOCTURNS can be something like wading in shallow water with unexpected drop offs. The first 147 poems were written during a season of discipline when Vehorn set himself the goal of creating at least one poem a day. This discipline began in Tucson AZ on November 20, 2013. That discipline was strictly observed for 108 days at which time Vehorn's journals contained 147 poems. Comments from the Outskirts Press team give insight into the style and personality of this poetry. "I want you to know that you have a fantastic writing sty



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14 mei 2014
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Ronnie Vehorn
Outskirts Press

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