The Organ Donor
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  • februari 2013
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Book Excerpt, ''The Organ Donor''

!Move over Hannibal Lecter, the Organ Donor is here!

The Organ Donor introduces readers to a remarkable first time author, who creates a one-of-a-kind serial killer and weaves a story so filled with unexpected twists and turns that readers are left a constant state of suspense. There are no clues, initially no bodies, and a frustrated police department with no experience dealing with a case like this one.

The story begins in Scotland, as the police search for an elusive serial killer who begins sending human organs, with cryptic notes attached, to the Glasgow Metropolitan Police Department. It opens when an unidentified package lands on the desk of Detective Patrick Campbell. At first, he fears that the package might contain an IRA bomb and he calls in the bomb squad. However, he is shocked to find something even more horrific. Tucked inside a Ziploc bag, with a note hanging from it, is a set of human eyes, floating in a sea of formaldehyde. More organs begin arriving, and we feel their frustration as the detective and his task force continue to fail in their efforts to identify the victims or find the killer (now named the Organ Donor) who continues to escalate his reign of death by committing a series of murders with the bagged organs now being found near the victim's bodies. Even though the officers now know the identities of the most recent victims, they are stymied by an ingenious killer, who seems able to anticipate their every move, leaves no clues, and mocks and frustrates them. As each set of murders grows more grisly, and time goes on, they are unable to apprehend him. The suspect grows tired of searching the streets for victims and playing with the police, and decides it's time for him to go international. Next stop New York City. And he begins to wonder if he can find more excitement in New York City.

At this point, the killer reveals his identity and readers join him as he commits another series of murders, following the exact same MO and producing the exact same results. As the Organ Donor reminisces about his early life we gain insight into how, over time, he began to evolve into a sadistic serial killer. With a genius IQ, he is able to play what he calls ''games'' with his victims, and later, with the investigators hunting him so diligently, no one is safe, even when the police, themselves, are targets. Only we know his identity, are witness to his crimes, and are aware of the machinations of his brilliant but evil mindset.

The New York police are stymied, until, simply by accident and a nudge from the suspect; they discover that the Organ Donor is the same man that terrorized Scotland months before. When that connection is made, they invite the Scottish police to join them, and a task force is set up between the remaining detectives from Glasgow and the detectives in New York. Perhaps, by working together, they will be able to stop this madness. But, no, the killer continues to goad them, murder their citizens and outwit them at every turn (his twisted sense of humor intact throughout).

As we move on in the story, readers find that even a sadistic genius killer can find lovethe last thing he expected to happen. In another of many plot twists, a woman, whom he had planned to torture and murder, is lured to the killer's house. She works as a high priced escort and believes that he is just another client. However, when a strange connection to one another brings them closer together, he begins to wonder if it is possible, even for him, to lead a more normal life. However, as the murders continue, a series of clues are left behind, with a nudge from the suspect, for the detectives to try and figure out. Might the information finally tell the investigators the one responsible for these horrendous acts of mayhem? However, even when the joint task is finally able to discover his ident



februari 2013
Aantal pagina's
194 pagina's
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Cory Jason Wright



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