The Silent War Within Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi

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  • 9781503107038
  • 30 december 2014
  • 422 pagina's
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This book includes the author’s research conclusion that reverses the present medical practice to inhibit tumor growth.The author reveals that LDL cholesterol is likely a mutated fungal sterol that was horizontally transferred from parasitic fungi only to survive from the hosts’ antibodies yielding mutants, cancerous cells, and causing all types of autoimmune diseases. The author explains why vitamin D is not the target to build but ergosterol and LDL cholesterol are the targets to destroy.This book is introduced as a landmark to inspire all people including cancer patients and healthcare providers about “cancer” which is misdiagnosed with flu or a cold in the beginning only to discover that the cancer is treated by antifungal properties in the end.The author discusses why Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) vitamins cause antibiotic or antifungal resistance and why GMO vitamins may exacerbate autoimmune diseases. This book discusses “causes and effects” and “possible treatments” of autoimmune diseases. This book discusses why the early signs of autoimmune diseases are ignored either by patients or by healthcare providers, how autoimmune diseases are initiated by a fungal mutation, why the autoimmune diseases respond to antifungal agents, and how curable diseases turn to incurable diseases.This book explains why fungal disruptions in human metabolisms result in “the various names of illnesses” and depicts the interaction between foods, human bodies, parasitic fungi, and sunlight. This book discusses how harmful acids are produced by the parasitic fungi, how alcohol (fungal urine) and tobaccos may chemically make more ergosterol or lanosterol in the hosts and how patients can repair their damaged cells by alkali metal foods (electron donors) and by photons from sunlight (electron donors).This book explains how cancer tumors and cysts can be treated, and how female patients can resume their menopause by electron donors such as sunlight, Far-Infrared (FIR) heat therapy, and alkaline foods. This book explains how pets can also survive from the misdiagnosis which result in their early deaths while the pets also suffer from cancer (untreated fungal infection) just like humans do.The research data are based on medical biochemistry textbooks; published biology and biochemistry journals; books authored by scientists, medical doctors, and research teams; published clinical findings of medical schools and medical facilities; discoveries of NASA and other scientists; registered information of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA); and published civil cases.* This book is not a substitute of a medical diagnosis or a prescription.* Index was added.



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30 december 2014
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Jane Lim

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