Tom Brady: Habits Of Greatness Ebook Tooltip Eat, Train, Sleep And Recover Like A Professional Athlete (Extended Edition)

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Tom Brady: Habits Of Greatness
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  • 16 mei 2022
  • Adobe ePub
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Whatever your fitness goals are, the most important thing to do is set them before you start. If you don't know where you're going, how will you get there? There's no point in getting frustrated when a year down the line and all that time at the gym has yielded no results.

Quit worrying about what other people's goals are. Worrying about other people's goals is a waste of time and energy! We're constantly bombarded with messages from advertisers, magazines and social media telling us that their idea of beauty is the only one that matters—but it isn't true! Whatever shape or size or body type suits you best is what's beautiful—and achieving physical fitness can be an extremely empowering experience for everyone who has been told their entire life that they should look like someone else.

Keep things realistic: don't try to lose 20 pounds in two months; instead shoot for 5 pounds in 6 weeks (or 7 pounds in 8 weeks etc.). That way, if progress starts slowing down after two months, then it won't feel discouraging when it happens—you'll still have reached your goal but just not quite as fast as planned, due to all those pesky variables like genetics, which can affect weight loss efforts significantly!

There are many different ways in which someone might choose to improve their fitness level so here are some examples based on Tom Brady's routine which may help motivate others who want success but aren't sure where exactly they should start.



Why Athletes Must Sleep Well

The Best Fruits For Athletic Performance

The Best Vegetables For Athletic Performance

Adapt Your Diet To Your Training Needs

Athletes Must Eat Essential Fatty Acids

Athletes Must Avoid Added Sugar

Athletes Must Avoid Refined Carbs

How Much Protein Must Athletes Consume

The Best Protein-Heavy Snacks For Athletes

Why Drinking Enough Water Is Important For Athletes

Why Athletes Must Consume Enough Electrolytes

For How Long Do Athletes Train In The Gym

Train Your Footwork Like An Athlete

How Athletes Avoid Injuries While Training

Athletes Must Take Time To Recover From Injuries

How To Train Your Speed Like An Athlete

How To Train Your Agility Like An Athlete

How To Train Your Core Stability Like An Athlete

How To Train Your Flexibility Like An Athlete

How To Do High Resistance Training Like An Athlete

How Athletes Speed Muscle Recovery

The Best Mental Abilities Professional Athletes Have

How Athletes Deal With Negative Thoughts

What Motivates An Athlete To Do His Best


The content in this guide is based on extensive official research and comes from a variety of sources, mostly from books published by experts who have mastered each of the topics presented here and who are backed by internationally recognized careers.

Therefore, the reader will be able to acquire a large amount of knowledge from more than one reliable and specialized source. This happens because we rely only on official and endorsed media. In addition, we also collect information from different web pages, courses, biographies, and interviews, so we give the reader a broad overview of their topics of interest.

We have not only checked that the sources of knowledge are relevant, but we have also made a very careful selection of the final information that makes up this guide. With great practicality, we have compiled the most useful concepts and put them in a way that are easiest for the reader to learn.

Our ultimate goal is to simplify all the ideas that they are fully understandable and so that the reader can enjoy a pleasant, practical, and simple reading. This is why we strive to provide only the key information from each expert.

In this guide, the reader will not find redundancies or unnecessary or irrelevant content. Each chapter covers the essential and leaves out everything that could be deemed as extra or that does not add anything new to the selected concepts.

Thus, the reader will be able to enjoy a text where they will easily find specialized information that comes exclusively from experts and that has been selected with the greatest effectiveness.



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16 mei 2022
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Adobe ePub


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