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Псы одичалые
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Described in the novel "Wild Dogs" event (the author - Gennady Murzin, known Ural journalist and writer) deployed on the borders of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, and developed in full compliance with the detective genre, that is a stunning scene in the capital of the Middle Urals - the murder of the head of department Criminal Investigation Department of the area. Such brazen defiance and daring crime shocked many seasoned detectives. They openly thrown glove, and they raise the glove, making it clear the Urals organized criminal communities that accepted the challenge to a duel that will go into this battle to the end. Easy to say, but to do it was not so easy, given the then socio-political, economic and social realities in Russia, which is experiencing a deep crisis. Memory Russians short, so it is worth recalling that if the bandits of all kinds rolled out to the Urals in the luxurious foreign cars, convertibles, in the garage of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of the Sverdlovsk region were rusty wreck, threatening to fall apart at the first crossroads; if tough guys had no problems with the fuel, the investigators to go to detention, and were looking for a half-day did not always find a few liters of gasoline to fill the duty "UAZ"; if the first openly littered with money, the latter remained for several months without pay and did not know how to get out, to feed their families. Against this background (Plus) double flowers bloomed corruption struck, of course, as the law enforcement system and law enforcement. That's when the first signs of splicing OPS leaders with authority. She then has the power, not even trying to hide the fact that "friends" with the leaders of the criminal world. Putrid smell of decaying Russian stench filled the air. Ural in this sense is not an exception. Be that as it may, the prosecutor of the region, a spokesman sunk, like, in the oblivion of the communist elite (rather necessary) creates operational and investigative team and lead it instructs (it was the first strategy, and one might even say, prosecutorial fatal error) not just anybody, and senior investigator for particularly important cases Alekseeva, Colonel of Justice, known for its die-hard and overbearing. Prosecutor Tushin harbored hope to break the stubborn and make him dance to his music. The investigation started with a slip on almost all fronts. Operational-investigative team realized that stick in the wheel set their own colleagues at work, faced with their uncleanliness, with the desire to put a shadow on the fence and lead the investigation in a different direction; thin strings, found themselves in the hands of investigators and operatives or suddenly bursting at the wrong time, or the most mysteriously disappear. Retell kind product - a thankless task. The novel "Wild Dogs, in which dozens of different actors, in addition to a chain of other crimes of psychological deep, so it will be interesting to read any - as the man in the street, and legal scholars. This is how the famous Ural said lawyer Vladimir Isakov, Doctor of Law, after meeting with the product: - Do not leave the impression that reading is not fiction, but a profound documentary work in which I am personally familiar, well recognizable, almost all literary characters. Also not seen the text of any legal errors. I even thought that the author brilliantly versed in all legal nuances, though for many years cooked in the law enforcement system, so there the kitchen knows by heart. As will be fighting in the ring? Who will leave the ring as the winner? Read on and find answers to many questions. But do not think, unless you want to make a mistake, you know a lot initially. It's not so easy, no, just ...



april 2019
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Gennady Murzin
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