1-2-3 I Take Good Care of Me

1-2-3 I Take Good Care of Me
Auteur: Julann Briggs
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781493145096
  • maart 2014
  • 34 pagina's
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123Take Good Care of Me is a children's educational nutrition book. In this book, I will explain why we eat food and the reasons the right food is like fuel for our body machines while we are so young and our immune systems are so strong. In a basic verbiage that very young children will understand, I will then explain what foods we should eat and how they affect our bodies and also how the wrong foods can affect our bodies. Sometimes we can choose better foods, and we want to teach that at a very young age. The final step to teaching our young children is to show them when we eat and how this can affect how our bodies react to the times that we eat. All three sections of the book will compare and contrast good nutrition and eating habits that are very important for children of today, and it will be an interactive book with a plate and puzzle pieces that the children can put together each night before dinner while parents help them make the right choices. With obesity rates continually rising in the world, education of nutrition and mind and body health has never been more important. With the help of the First Lady, Michelle Obama, pushing for healthier choices in schools and at home, now is a perfect time for parents and children to come together to learn about creating healthier choices and habits. As a health and fitness specialist, it is my passion to make sure tomorrow's children make a stand for health. Other books have been created for this purpose, but most have targeted parents. This book is designed to create a fun understanding of how and why we need to eat well. I have worked in the fitness industry for over fifteen years, and I also work for a company called NSA, which created the product Juice Plus. Juice Plus is fruit and vegetables in pill or gummy form, and my husband and children have been taking it for over six years. In that time with NSA, I have been to many training sessions and seminars regarding healthy eating and nutrition and have found that education can only begin with children. I get excited at the thought of children taking control of their eating habits and their healthy lifestyle. My book is written for children to understand and to create a plate that has all the necessary items to eat smart. It is also there for parents to read with their children and help them understand the importance of this lifestyle. I would be willing to bet some parents will learn more than they bargain for. I know this is the time for my book to be published, and the world needs the education as told to a child. I plan to create a series of books that includes tools on how to live a well-balanced life. These books will be helpful for parents and fun for kids, and it is my hope that we can create a happier, healthier, moreeducated world.



maart 2014
Aantal pagina's
34 pagina's
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0 - 2 jaar
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Julann Briggs



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