1250 Golden Promises of God for You in the Bible

1250 Golden Promises of God for You in the Bible
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781539837749
  • november 2016
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NTRODUCTIONThe most powerful weapon in the world is the word of God. The Bible is the book of knowledge, and knowledge is power. Inside the Bible are words of God, which are the keys of life. The Bible is your spiritual compass and it has answers to every question of life.As a child of God, the Bible should be your staff of office, and your scepter of enthronement in life. The Bible is not a natural book but a supernatural book. It is not a western book but a universal book.1250 Golden Promises of God in the Bible for you, are retrieved from the bible for your daily Christian growth, freedom and success. This book has answers to every problem of life. You will get knowledge and light through this book, and darkness will disappear. There is no mountain anywhere; every man's ignorance is His mountain. True freedom is a function of knowledge. There is liberty in knowledge.Psalm 11: 3 says ''If the foundations be, destroyed what can the righteous do? ''The word of God is the foundation upon which the live of a believer is based. If the word of God is not there, the lives of the believers will be in shallow of hell. A wordless Christian is a worthless Christian. Many Christians refuses to pay attention to the word of God, but you cannot substitute fasting and prayer with the word of God. Jesus Christ himself relied on the written word, Matthew 4: 1-10, fasting cannot stop temptation, and it is only the word of God that can stop temptation.As a child of God, we must see the word of God as1. Mirror for self knowledge and correction. (James 1:23).2. Water for cleansing. (John 15: 3).3. Food for spiritual nourishment. (1 Peter 2: 2).4. Sword to fight. (Ephesians 6:17).5. Light to guide one's feet, in this dark world. (Psalm 119: 105).6. Vaccination and immunity against sin. (Psalm 119: 11).Salvation is indeed a very important subject for man to consider, I am not exaggerating, and it has occupied the mind of God from the beginning. In order to bring it to reality God appeared in the flesh. Since salvation is so crucial, we must find out about its nature, meaning and significance.Salvation Involves being free from slavery to sin, sickness, poverty, suffering, and consequently deliverance from it. This book has a wealth of verses from God's word and golden promises for His people. If you read a verse each day, you will receive, power, comfort, guidance, prosperity and blessings throughout your lifetime. We suggest that you memorize a verse for each day, keep it in your heart and on your lips. Then you will become stronger in faith, love and hope. You will be a light in the darkness and a guide for many. Matt.5: 14; John 10:14: 27-28, 14: 16.The new concept is the representation of God's divine promise which answers a long felt need for quick and comprehensive reference by combining the ease of a dictionary format with the broader explanations in the book format, It provides an invaluable aid to both believers and unbelievers at large , seeking the face of God for prosperity and eternity.The book contains the mind of God, His plans and rewards for man presented in a single concise format.As you read this book, may His abundant Grace be with you, in Jesus name. Amen!



november 2016
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150 pagina's



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