22 Reasons Why You're Not Yet Rich...The 22 Mistakes People Make In Money Management And How To Overcome Them EBOOK Tooltip Understanding Financial Empowerment Series

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  • 9781393272892
  • november 2018
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Money is everywhere! But, it takes understanding and consistent application of principles to attract it. You are struggling financially because you lack adequate insight for becoming financially free! You can be, have and do what you want, when you want, where you want and how you want. It takes secrets!

This book is therefore about how to make money, how to keep it and how to use it.

There are universal laws that guide money; there are rules of making saving and investing money.

This book becomes relevant now because of the present economic meltdown.

It is a practical revelation of the truth behind poverty and struggle seen among many today.

In this thought-provoking and insightful book, the International Best-selling Author, Teacher and Entrepreneurs' Mentor, GABRIEL ONYEKAWA, reveals vividly, ''The 22 Reasons Why You're Not Yet Rich'' The 22 Mistakes People Make In Money Management And How To Overcome Them.

Believe me, economic depression is not new. In the same vein, economic recovery is possible, even at the speed of thought.

Do you know that a secret not discovered and put into practice is recovery unattained and prosperity not achieved?

This book shall be an eye-opener for you. At the end, if you practice the contents, you shall never lack money again in life. You shall also acquire generational wealth and prosperity.

Here are some of the interesting things you will learn from this book
  • The real meaning of money

  • Myths and misconceptions about money

  • The 22 reasons why you are not yet rich

  • The mindset of a wealthy person

  • How to raise money for your business or project without borrowing or begging

  • Hidden facts about money

  • How to make, save and invest money

  • And many more

  • Feel free to order more than one copy of this book and share it with your family, friends, and well-wishers.

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    november 2018
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    Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


    Gabriel Onyekawa
    Gabriel Onyekawa

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    Understanding Financial Empowerment Series

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