31 Days to Become a Better Reader

Increasing Your Struggling Reader's Reading Level

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  • november 2012
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What if there was a tool that could guide you in helping your child become a better reader? This is a 31 day challenge to help guide you and your struggling reader in reading a book together while encouraging her to develop strategies to become a strategic reader. You will learn tips that were once only known to the reading experts. Along with these tips you will learn journaling techniques that will help you focus on the specific needs of your child.Joanne Kaminski, the author, and Renee Love, the cover artist, both struggled with reading while growing up. You will find out how Joanne struggled and how her mom helped her by simply reading with her. This book is intended to be a guide to reading success, even if you don't know anything about teaching reading.You will learn strategies to help your child figure out words for herself and be given questions to ask for different errors your child makes. You will literally unlock the key to the code for your child.Vocabulary has been one of those areas in reading that drastically can increase a child’s reading level. You will learn what words to focus on with your child and how to get your child to magically remember each of the meanings. Fluency can get in the way of your child’s overall understanding of what she is reading. Reading too fast or reading too slow may cause areas of the brain to not process the information correctly. Also, reading in a monotone manner may get in the way of your child’s enjoyment of what she is reading, as well as her understanding. You will learn how to get your child to figure out when her voice should go up and down and how to stop appropriately at punctuation.The overall purpose of reading is to understand what you are reading. During this 31 day challenge you will learn how to help your child become metacognitive. That means to have her think about her own thinking. She will learn how to ask effective questions to aid in overall comprehension and specifically how to connect with the text.At the end of the book you will get the chance to review how this process went for you and your child. You will be able to check the areas that are still a concern for her and come up with a plan for the next book that you read together. Don’t rely on just the schools when it comes to helping your child with reading. Class sizes are getting bigger and less attention is being given to kids who struggle. By utilizing the techniques that you will learn in this book you can be proactive about your child’s education and get her onto the path of educational success. No longer do parents have to rely solely on experts to make sure their child is reading on grade level or above. You can have access to all of the tools that you need. With the hardcopy book you will be able to take notes about the process. With the e-book version you will need a notebook to track the progress that is being made. It is pivotal to take these notes so that you can properly assess if the process is working. There will be days where this is not easy. There will be days where it is not convenient to read with your child, but if you stick with the process you will be pleased the results. You have more power than you think available at your fingertips. Whether your child is struggling just a little bit or your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, your child will benefit from this process. Reading with your child has been the number one factor in determining test scores. The more a child reads, the more she can decode. The more she can decode, the more she can comprehend. When the process is this simple why wouldn’t you give it a try?



november 2012
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Increasing Your Struggling Reader's Reading Level

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