50 Ways to Love Your Lover Powerful Principles for Passionate & Richly Rewarding Relationships Filled with Deeply Fulfilling and Juicy Romance!

Auteur: Barry Selby
Taal: Engels
50 Ways to Love Your Lover
Auteur: Barry Selby
Uitgever: Barry Selby
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9780989885201
  • december 2013
  • 394 pagina's
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50 Ways To Love Your Lover is my love letter to you. Yes, you Whether you are single or in a relationship, this book will improve your love-life. You will discover fifty clear and entertaining principles that will inspire you to have more love, romance and deep fulfillment in your relationship (your current one, or the one you want to attract). Follow and integrate these principles into your heart and you will absolutely transform your love-life. Without these principles, there are no guarantees 50 Ways to Love Your Lover is your powerful reference to the mysteries of love and romance, so you can have a relationship that absolutely rocks Each of these fifty straight forward (although not necessarily easy) and powerful principles that will give you food for thought, inspiration to have what you want, and tangible action steps you can incorporate today. Use this book to have or attract what you want in relationship and romance, whether you are currently single or already in relationship. These principles will change your life, and frankly, at less than 50cents per principle, that's a bargain SINGLE? Is your heart still broken from your last relationship? Do you wish you were ready to go out and date again, but feel unsure? Do you know what you really want in romance? Are you ready for that dream romance? 50 Ways To Love Your Lover will aid you discovering keys to embrace your freedom from past paradigms, gaining tools to reveal your authentic self and visible and attractive to your future romance, preparing you for what you want, to assist you in clarifying what that is, and to attract your perfect partner more readily. IN RELATIONSHIP? How is your love-life? Is it rocking and everything you wanted? Is there room for improvement? Are you yearning for something greater and more passionate? Do you wish your partner was more like someone else? 50 Ways To Love Your Lover will aid you growing even deeper in love with your partner, and you will become an even better partner, treating your partner more authentically and respectfully, and together you will create an even greater love, intimacy and passion between yo



december 2013
Aantal pagina's
394 pagina's


Barry Selby
Barry Selby



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Powerful Principles for Passionate & Richly Rewarding Relationships Filled with Deeply Fulfilling and Juicy Romance!
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