7-Day Success Getting It Done One Day at a Time

7-Day Success
Auteur: Jake Fajardo
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781492831969
  • november 2013
  • 108 pagina's
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Have you ever had an idea for something or wished to start your own business only to find yourself not following through for one reason or another? Do you dream of living a better life, earning more income, and having satisfying and fulfilling relationships? 7-Day Success was written to address these questions and more. Designed for the typical individual, it's a no-nonsense and simplistic approach to improving any area of your life by giving you a Daily Action Plan. This is a step by step process that will show you how to set and achieve any goal you desire, while at the same time providing you with guidance in motivation, persistence, commitment, and self-discipline. It is an easy to approach and understand way of facing and overcoming any fears you have, and acquiring good habits while letting go of the bad. If you are tired of living a dull ordinary life, and would like a simple, easy-to-read book that shows you how to rise above average, 7-Day Success is the book for you. Escape from the chains of mediocrity and stop settling for less than what you are capable of! If success seems to somehow elude you, it's time you took charge of your life and pulled yourself out of the ruts of complacency! Let 7-Day Success be your breakthrough roadmap to your dreams! Over 20 years of information from various success and achievement books, audio, and video have been condensed into one simplistic guide for any individual to put to use immediately. From superior physical fitness to exceptional financial gain and accomplishment, 7-Day Success will take you by the hand and daily lead you up that ladder you've been struggling to climb. Sales Managers and Sales Professionals: This book is a must have for your personal self-improvement library! All business owners should have their employees read this book! Improving attitudes and self-worth equals a more productive operation!Everyone deserves to live an amazing and satisfying life, but many lack the knowledge and persistence to do so. 7DS uncovers the simplest and most effective way possible; it's literally your shortcut to success! To gain success in any area of your life, you need goals, desire, persistence, motivation, and self-discipline. These traits are learnable to anyone at any level, and 7DS is an absolute must-have for those wanting to improve themselves in these and other areas. Don't settle for less and no more accepting life as "just the way it is" now. Let 7DS show you how to pull yourself up and break free from the chains of mediocrity, forever. This is your only life, so live with a motto of "no regrets!" 7DS is your roadmap to the life you've always dreamed of having! Invest in your future, invest in your family, and invest in yourself! Make the decision to better your life and your situation - order 7-Day Success today!



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