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9eyes of Deceiving Faces


Seven Tests of Da 9star Child

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Auteur: S Andrew Linzy
Uitgever: Iuniverse.Com
  • Engelstalig
  • 9781462012367
  • april 2011
  • Adobe pdf met kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
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Sayings of the 19th Elder Yaanuwn also known as Miyka'El "Let us reveal, 'Da Nine Sacred Scrolls of Life' upon my Son Da 9Star Child, Krassa Amun. Since the age of eighteen, he became aware of his Starship and the protection of Da Igigi aboard. Behold, Da Seven Tests of Da 9Star Child will began his Journeys from America to Ethiopia for reclaiming his throne as Da 9Ruby Prince of Ethiopia

In September 2013, Krassa Amun Caddy returned unexpectedly to his hometown of Chicago to experience the world of nine eyes of deceiving faces, where there was no such thing as good and evil, due to the fact that the Evil Man was good at being evil and the Good Man was evil at being good. It was a time when the elite selected few and desired to control the masses within their time and location called trapped knowledge. This was how revenge began to strike in the most gruesome way.

Who is this Spiritual Soul known as Krassa Amun M Caddy? A man illuminated in a twinkle of an eye, Da 9Eye to be exact. Caddy had transfigured from one man to another, on a great journey inspired by a beautiful spiritual woman of mystery... she was like the stars in his eyes. As the Scriptures tell it best, in Hebrews chapter 13 verse 2 "Be Not Forgetful To Entertain Strangers; For There Are Those Who Have Entertained Angels Unaware." After seven days of heaven with Da 9Ruby Princess, she suddenly departed him, leaving him to remember her last, most high-minded and mysterious phrase, "This will be the last time we will ever be separated. After this, with all the other experiences you will encounter on your journey, we will be together...forever".

In the mind of Krassa Amun M Caddy, his true overstanding became overshadowed by his "reality". As a soldier in the military, with a former gang associated lifestyle, he felt his life was just an illusion. He was now searching out his Habesha family and their Ethiopian Amhara tribe identity. It was a Spiritual Mission designed by Da Most High Father ANU..."Da" equaling the Divine Authority and ruler of the Anunnaqi. During his search, he was crowned in glory as Da 9Star Child. In search of the 9Ruby Princess, he became nine times more enlightened than any other and chosen as Master Teacher like unto his Father before him, the 9Ruby King that sat on the throne within the Crystal City.

Sayings of the 3rd Elder Azabug'El, "In the midst of this war, will come that great and dreadful day. The judgment by the Divine Eyes of Invisible Forces, the Igigi will cast down 19 Great Olmec Heads Balls of Fire that will be utter destruction, leaving the world in a desolate state giving temporary control to the alien Force Brazos... Brazos subjected many sovereign nations to disappear and fall under the mercy to their rule...and now stretching within Chicago, but for a short time." the 3rd Elder Azabug'El continued, "After all these great mysteries and corruptions have unfolded, many shall wonder, whose names were and were NOT written in the book of life, all the way since the foundation and beginning of human existence. Now what will become of Brazos? Have they finally chosen?" and Da Elders became silent.


S Andrew Linzy
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Adobe pdf met kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
18.43 MB
april 2011

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