Leading Digital Turning Technology into Business Transformation

Leading Digital
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Become a Digital MasterNo Matter What Business You’re In

If you think the phrase going digital” is only relevant for industries like tech, media, and entertainmentthink again. In fact, mobile, analytics, social media, sensors, and cloud computing have already fundamentally changed the entire business landscape as we know itincluding your industry. The problem is that most accounts of digital in business focus on Silicon Valley stars and tech start-ups. But what aboutthe other 90-plus percent of the economy?

In Leading Digital, authors George Westerman, Didier Bonnet, and Andrew McAfee highlight how large companies in traditional industriesfrom finance to manufacturing to pharmaceuticalsare using digital to gain strategic advantage. They illuminate the principles and practices that lead to successful digital transformation. Based on a study of more than four hundred global firms, including Asian Paints, Burberry, Caesars Entertainment, Codelco, Lloyds Banking Group, Nike, and Pernod Ricard, the book shows what it takes to become a Digital Master. It explains successful transformation in a clear, two-part framework: where toinvest in digital capabilities, and how to lead the transformation. Within these parts, you’ll learn:

How to engage better with your customers
How to digitally enhance operations
How to create a digital vision
How to govern your digital activities

The book also includes an extensive step-by-step transformation playbook for leaders to follow.

Leading Digital is the must-have guide to help your organization survive and thrive in the new, digitally powered, global economy.


� This is not simply a book for digital-only companies, but rather a book for all companies who want to learn to amplify revenue figures via digital channels. � 800 CEO READADVANCE PRAISE for Leading Digital:Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital and Social Media, Nestle� � Successful transformation of your organization to digital doesn't just happen� you need to lead it. Leading Digital shows the key elements and processes that have made Digital Masters out of companies around the globe, in many different industries, not just high-tech. A must-read. Michael Tushman, professor, Harvard Business School; coauthor, Winning Through Innovation� � The days when senior executives could delegate technology issues to their technology people are over. Digital leadership capability is essential to thriving in a world of fast-changing technologies. Westerman, Bonnet, and McAfee provide a clear and readable guidebook to help any leader or manager play an effective role in turning technology challenges into transformation opportunities, both now and in the future. Joe Tucci, Chairman and CEO, EMC Corp.� � To stay relevant in this new, always-connected digital universe, businesses in virtually every industry are reinventing their business models for unprecedented customer access, interaction, speed, and scale. Leading Digital shows how transformative companies are navigating this disruptive era successfully� and why others are falling behind. Pierre Pringuet, Vice Chairman of the Board and CEO, Pernod Ricard� � Leading Digital provides comprehensive, fact-based insights into how multinational companies can leverage digital technology to transform their businesses' performance. In this book, the authors provide not only the inspiration, but also the practical guidance required for CEOs to successfully navigate this complex transformation. Erik Brynjolfsson, professor, MIT Sloan School; Director, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy; and coauthor, The Second Machine Age� � Technologies� whether based on stone, steel, or software� are tools. They deliver results only when wielded effectively. Westerman, Bonnet, and McAfee's careful and insightful research reveals the patterns common to the most effective leaders of the digital revolution and shows how they are using digital technologies to deliver impressive results. Charlene Li, founder and CEO, Altimeter Group; author, Open Leadership; and coauthor, Groundswell� � Digital is no longer the responsibility of a few tech-savvy executives� in the age of digital customers, it needs to be the responsibility of every leader in the organization. Leading Digital provides a blueprint for digital transformation.

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  • zo hol, je hebt geen boek nodig voor deze boodschap
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    zoveel tekst, zo weinig boodschap
    eindeloos consultant buzzwords
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  • Goede handvatten en bewijslast voor digital transformation
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    Vlot te lezen boek met goede onderbouwing vanuit het onderzoek naar de Digital masters. Het midden van het boek zaagt naar mijn mening iets te lang door over IT en de rol daarvan. Zonder twijfel belangrijk, maar culturele transformatie mag minstens diezelfde aandacht krijgen.

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Turning Technology into Business Transformation
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