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Auteur: Athinia Tandino
Taal: Engels
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781311111067
  • mei 2016
  • Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)
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The oracle decided that the chosen child would come from two, the man and woman who will both see and live a life of pain.

With young Arctigre at her side and this world in dire need of the prophecy to be fulfilled, now they need to find the other half of his soul. Moonstar knows the time was right for the child to be brought into this world, and soon be bound to her.

The Dragon Kin will grant the two his life's essence, in turn, granting their child a long life, longer than that of this world we know.

The young woman will have to face untold pain and hatred for the man that she will find towering over her dead mother. She will, within a short time and with the help and power of the oracle, find it in her heart to understand that this man was not responsible for her mother's death.

Moonstar can feel the hate and anger growing within the child. Even though, she knows love will soon find the young child's heart like it had her mother and father.

The branches that hang over the village looked as if they were placed there to protect what lay beneath, from the rays of the morning's sun. The sounds of pure peace can lull even the strongest of creatures to sleep. One could, become lost to it if they were not careful. If you sit and listened to what the land had to offer, the plants and wildlife that lived within helped us in our everyday needs.

Athinia saw many of the creatures from the tales her mother had told. Startled by the sight, Athinia started running back towards her family's small cottage.

In two night's time, Athinia's father will return with the lady of the mountain. To take the young girl from her family to begin her training.

Draven the Dark Lord, Master of Evil Intent, Master of Deception...................Can he be stopped by a young druid with just her few animals and friends?

He has loosed a plague upon the land that is slowly killing all that it touches.

Will she reach her goal in time to save her world from destruction? Or will Draven rule Arkadia with the same ruthless evil as he rules the Underdepths?

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mei 2016
Ebook formaat
Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Athinia Tandino
Smashwords Edition



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