A Grandfamily for Sullivan EBOOK Coping Skills For Family Changes

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  • december 2019
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One day, Sullivan's entire world clouds over! He unexpectedly moves to Grandma's house when his parents are unable to keep him safe. Sullivan's big worries about his family cause him deep heartache. He wonders why he can't live with his parents, and his emotions start to take over his body!

Will Sullivan find the courage to shift his cloudy day to clear skies? Follow alongside Sullivan, his grandma, and a wise friend as they weather the storms of life in this hopeful story about loss, family separation, and becoming a grandfamily.

Sullivan's story is a resource for families disrupted by parental mental health issues, incarceration, and the addiction epidemic. It is a tool for teachers, counselors, CASA volunteers, psychotherapists, social workers, and caregivers of children in foster and kinship care.

There are approximately 2.6 million grandfamilies in the United States. A ''grandfamily'' is any relative or close family friend who is caring for another relative's child. The number of grandfamilies around the world is rising quickly due to unfortunate societal factors such as the addiction epidemic and untreated mental health issues, accidents, and death.

I was inspired to write Sullivan's story while working as a family therapist within the child welfare system. I witnessed the pain these children and families are in, and I had to do something to bring awareness and healing to even one family who is hurting. A child who is separated from his biological parents will typically display challenging behaviors and emotions that impact the entire family system. Sullivan's story can help make this heartbreaking time in a child's life, a little less frightening and be a starting point in the healing process.

In the back of the book is a list of well-known people who were raised, at least in part, by their grandparents or relatives. It also contains additional child-friendly coping techniques and expert guidance for caregivers in Grandma's shoes. The adult in this situation can quickly become overwhelmed with the responsibilities, behaviors, and unique needs of a child exposed to loss and trauma. A Grandfamily for Sullivan is a children's book, but it is also a helpful tool for the adult who is reading it.

The goal of the book is to bring awareness to an often invisible community of families that are struggling with loss, separation, and trauma. If it helps one child fall asleep at night knowing he/she is not the only one who can't live with their parents, this book will be a massive success (in my opinion).

Please help other grandfamilies heal by spreading the word about Sullivan on social media. It also helps to leave a review wherever you purchased the book. Thank you for your support!

''A darling story that brings a soothing message of comfort and peace to the children and those that love and care for them, as they adapt to dramatic life changes.''

  • Patrice Karst, bestselling author of The Invisible String

''Sullivan and his grandmother are an inspiration to 2.6 million grandfamilies living in the United States, assuring children that they are not alone - and their futures are so very bright.''

  • Mary Bissell, Esq., Kinship Care Advocate, and Partner, ChildFocus

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december 2019
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Adobe ePub
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3 - 5 jaar


Beth Winkler Tyson
Walker-Parker Adam
Beth Winkler Tyson

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