A Lesson Learned

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A Lesson Learned
Bindwijze: Paperback
Ook verkrijgbaar: Ebook


Auteur: Brenda Brown

Uitgever: Xlibris Corporation

  • Engels
  • 90 pagina's
  • Xlibris Corporation
  • oktober 2009
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This intriguing story has drama, police, suspense, sizzling romance, and many suspicious behaviors. This is a story about a woman named Shannon who did not follow her instincts and found herself in a serious humiliating position. The signs were there but they were clouded because of her feelings for a man. Previously, she had overcame a weight issue, low self-esteem, and a bad relationship with a man who was not supportive, was unfaithful and could not be trusted; because of this relationship she secluded herself from dating until she met Benson. Benson, a handsome, alluring man who swept her off her feet with emotions and sensations she never experienced before. Her feelings were strong for him but she questioned her instincts. A man who literally made women weak just to be in his presence and made women second guess their instincts about him. The signs were there, but the desire to trust him made Shannon have self doubts about what she was seeing and how she should respond to this man. Find out what terrible situation Shannon found herself in..... **Sometimes not following your instincts can be like falling in a web and waiting on the spider.**

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Auteur Brenda Brown
Soort Met illustraties
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 5x152x229 mm
Gewicht 145,00 gram
Geschikt voor 0 - 2 jaar
ISBN10 1441568395
ISBN13 9781441568397

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