A Rescuing Knowledge Project, a Cagliastro Endeavor Primer and Language Lessons in English and Cree

A Rescuing Knowledge Project, a Cagliastro Endeavor
  • Engels
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  • 9781519684103
  • december 2015
  • 178 pagina's
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FORWARD by CAGLIASTRO Primer and Language Lessons in English and Cree WHY REPUBLISH THIS WORK? This book is part of a series of books called RESCUING KNOWLEDGE PROJECT The point of presenting this work is to reintroduce knowledge and materials which have not been in the public eye for a significant portion of time, and to offer them to the current, modern Collective Consciousness. It is important in this fast paced world to look at subjects that are not based in technology or modern trends, and do not provide immediate gratification or social acumen as a means to an end. Therefore I chose to re-present these materials so that modern minds benefit from the focus required to study these kinds of materials. In this case, studying a language which is comprised of an alphabet rarely seen in this current modern period of time is a clear stretch toward broadening one's landscape. This book is based on the content of a book published in 1890. Studying material from that period does not require one to work with withered or yellowed pages. I have restored the material to the clearest version possible yet I have not changed any of the material, not even one letter-stroke.... To be clear, no changes have been made to the contents of the book. Remember when reading these materials that you are reading sentences and letters (toward the end of the book) that were written for and by students in 1890. These samples reflect the thoughts and language of that period of time and do not reflect the thoughts of this presenter... Therefore, as no changes to content were made, I did however expand the presentation by providing lined pages for the student to utilize in order to practice writing the letters and words that comprise the Cree language. The workbook pages were necessary to add as I feel it is helpful for students of all ages in all disciplines to have a record of the first moment their hands tried to recreate the material. Therefore this book now has a workbook/journal sense about it. If only it were covered with a raw cut of tanned leather....however that is for you to add if you feel so inclined... I chose this title as the first book to offer under the heading of the RESCUING KNOWLEDGE PROJECT because it is quite far from the materials trending in current time. Choosing to study a language which is not commonly used in this current climate of constant communication seems anathema to social norms. That is exactly the point. In order to stretch, to broaden one's gaze, one has to begin to revisit the solo mind - to learn for the sake of learning, not for the sake of accolades or social advancement. This is what is missing in the current "norm." The Cree alphabet is rarely seen in the 21 Century, so to consider studying it is evidentiary that one is willing to study something that lends itself to introspection. To study such a thing is a clear stretch toward broadening one's landscape. Moving forward, there will be many books published under the heading of the RESCUING KNOWLEDGE PROJECT. Enjoy this offering....... SORCERESS CAGLIASTRO

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december 2015
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178 pagina's



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Primer and Language Lessons in English and Cree
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