A Taste of Savage EBOOK

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  • 9781393115052
  • oktober 2020
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College took up most of my time, so I didn't have much of a social life.
I didn't have much of a love life either...
I was still 'untouched'.
Guys would ask me out all the time, but I knew that most of them only wanted to f*** me.
And that was fine.
In all honesty, I was sort of thinking about giving up on the whole idea of 'wooing Mr. Soulice'—because I knew that it would be so much *easier* for me to get the attention of the guys from the academy.
But I simply didn't like the idea of giving my 'V-card' to just any guy.
I was old-school—like my mother.
I wanted my first time to be with someone that I *actually* loved, which was why I was contemplating whether or not to ask Mr. Dior Soulice if he'd be interested in starting a s***** relationship with me.
I could see it in my mind.
We would have plenty of hot and passionate s** in the beginning...
Then all that hot and passionate s** would lead to romance and confessions of undying love...
Just like in the movies.
I trusted 'Daddy Dior'.
And my body wanted him so *freaking* bad.
WARNING: This work contains strong language and explicit sexual content such as graphic descriptions of bodily fluid and kinky situations. This work should be read by readers 18+



oktober 2020
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P. A. Black J. A. Nakayama
J. A. Nakayama
​P. A. Black

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