A Threat from Within

A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

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  • 9781842776988
  • maart 2006
  • Hardcover
  • 224 pagina's
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A Threat from Within presents a history of Jewish opposition to Zionism, and challenges the myths that lie at the very root of contemporary or 'new' anti-Semitism. A principled and enduring opposition to Zionism has come from spiritual leaders of Judaism and has not died away despite the State of Israel existence as an imposing military power. The violence in Israel/Palestine acquires a different meaning when seen in the context of internal opposition to Zionism. Dire warnings voiced at the birth of Zionism now sound prophetic. The anti-Zionists have claimed all along that far from 'solving the Jewish question' and offering Jews a safe haven, Zionism would only fan hatred of the Jews. A Threat from Within and its seemingly paradoxical theme - Jews opposing Zionism in the name of Judaism - will fascinate a wide range of readers from different political and religious orientations. Yakov Rabkin's book has been translated into several languages and has been nominated for the 2006 Governor General's Literary Awards, Canada's most prestigious literary prize.


'An extremely interesting and valuable book.' Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 'Timely, well researched and thorough treatment of probably the most controversial issue in today's Jewish world. Fascinating contemporary material. The author deserves our thanks for presenting our case so eloquently.' Jewish Telegraph 'Yakov Rabkin argues that Jewish rejection of the Zionist state should be taken seriously.' Jewish Chronicle 'This book sheds light on religious anti-Zionism, which, demographically and ideologically, represents the most serious threat to Israel as a State and as a collective identity. In fact, it is a more grievous and dangerous challenge than Arab and Palestinian hostility. The State, by increasing its achievements, leads the country straight into an abyss. To paraphrase Marx, one could say that Israel, by virtue of its spectacular development, is digging its own tomb.' Joseph Hodara, Bar-Ilan University, Israel 'I can only welcome the publication of this unconventional book based on often ignored historical facts. It is up to us to draw lessons from it.' Rabbi Moshe Gerard Ackermann, Director of the Nerlitz Institute of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem 'Yakov Rabkin has produced an altogether remarkable book that tells the story and analyses the ideas of the Orthodox Jewish movement opposed to Zionism and the State of Israel. I am enormously impressed by the author's historical scholarship, by his brilliant analysis of a complex literature and by the lucidity of his prose. This is an extraordinary book.' Gregory Baum, McGill University 'This book is fascinating. it presents a range of anti-Zionist arguments developed in Jewish religious circles that are practically unknown to the public. It is a solid contribution to scholarship.' Alain Bouchard, Laval University 'This is a capital book that comes at the very time that the eternal Middle East question demands new approaches that may defuse the crisis. This is why this book must be read without delay that the greatest number of people possible.' Charles Rheaume, historian, Department of National Defense, Ottawa 'As an Israeli patriot and as a philosopher, I consider it essential to integrate the discourse of Judaic anti-Zionism into the badly needed public debate about our past, present and future.' Joseph Agassi, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada; Tel-Aviv University and York University, Toronto '...mastery of detail and succinct referencing...[the book] is rich and deserves serious attention and respect.' Journal of the Middle East in London 'This is an excellent and an urgent book at a time when criticism is confronted by an iron wall.' Yerah Gover, Journal of Palestine Studies



maart 2006
Aantal pagina's
224 pagina's


Yakov M. Rabkin Yakov Rabkin
Yakov Rabkin
Zed Books Ltd


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Fred A. Reed Yakov M. Rabkin
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A Threat from Within: A History of Jewish Opposition to Zionism



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A Century of Jewish Opposition to Zionism

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