A World History Of Our Own Times From The Turn Of The Century To The 1918 Armistice - Volume I

A World History Of Our Own Times From The Turn Of The Century To The 1918 Armistice - Volume I
Auteur: Quincy Howe
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  • 9781406777161
  • maart 2007
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A World History of Our Own Times VOLUME ONE FROM THE TURN OF THE CENTURY TO THE 1918 ARMISTICE BY QUINCY HOWE Simon and Schuster New York 1949 TABLE OF CONTENTS FOREWORD BY THE AUTHOR Vll Part One THE WORLD OF 1900 CHAPTER PAGE 1. EUROPE AND GERMANY 3 2. THE LESSER TWO-THIRDS OF THE TRIPLE ALLIANCE 23 3. THE RUSSIAN WORLD 43 4. THE PLEASANT LAND OF FRANCE 54 5. WHERE THE SUN NEVER SET 68 6. THE OTHER POWERS OF EUROPE 95 7. U. S. A. 108 8. LESSER BREEDS 146 Part Two PREWAR 1. THE QUEEN Is DEAD LONG LIVE THE KING 173 2. Now LOOK, THAT DAMNED COWBOY is PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES 190 3. WAR BETWEEN RUSSIA AND JAPAN 215 4. THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION OF 1905 234 5. THE TRIPLE ENTENTE Is BORN 246 6. THE END OF THE BULOW ERA 276 7. THE SQUARE DEAL IN THE WHITE HOUSE 291 8. THE MAN WHO WAS Too BIG TO BE PRESIDENT 310 9. REVOLUTION COMES TO CHINA 335 10. EUROPE DIVIDES AGAINST ITSELF 347 11. WILSON GIVES AMERICA THE NEW FREEDOM 378 12. FIVE WEEKS THAT WRECKED A WORLD 398 WORLD WAR I, , 425 Mobilization The Western Front The War in the East The War at Sea and in the Middle East The Home Fronts American Neutrality 1914 Style. 2. 1915 481 East or West The Dardanelles Attack Begins The Political Consequences of the Dardanelles Rasputin Russias Man of the Year The Year of Indecision Ends Too Proud to Fight The Amateur Diplomat Takes the Professional Poli ticians in Hand The Twenty-one Demands. 3. 1916 527 The Greatest Battles in History Side-shows and the War at Sea The War Behind the War What Price American Neu trality He Kept Us Out of War. 4. WAR FOR AMERICA REVOLUTION FOR RUSSIA 564 5. 1917 594 The Germans Fail at Sea, the Allies on Land The Year Ends Well for Britain on Two Fronts The Pope andOthers Pro pose Negotiations for Peace Americas First Year of War The Impact of War on Asia the Impact of Revolution on Russia The Bolsheviks Take Power The Bolsheviks Hold Power. 6. 1918 635 The Central Powers Crumble on All Fronts The Russian Revolution Leads to Intervention, Civil War, and Red Terror Germany Capitulates to Wilsons Notes and Allied Arms. BIBLIOGRAPHY 669 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS 675 INDEX 679 FOREWORD THIS is the first volume of a projected three-volume world history of the first half of the twentieth century. It has three purposes to depict from a contemporary point of view the events and person alities that shaped the past fifty years to relate these events and personalities to one another on a world scale to draw conclusions from this material in the hope of stimulating the reader to do the same. The rapid pace of the twentieth century compels the journalist to write history and the historian to write journalism. Historians of an earlier day reinterpreted the past to the present. We measure their achievement by how successfully they bring the dead to life. Journalists have always written the autobiographies of their times. We measure their achievement by how completely we recognize their features as our own. I call myself a journalist because I am dealing only with contemporary events and personalities. But I call this work a history because so much that has happened during, this crowded century already seems to belong to another age. I have also been inspired by the pioneering work of two other journalists, Mark Sullivan, who wrote Our Times, and Frederick Lewis Allen, who wrote Only Yesterday. Not until after the first World War did we Americans become fully conscious ofourselves as citizens of the mightiest of nations, and those two works brought that awareness home to us by recapturing the spirit of our recent national past. In this work I hope to recapture some of that past on a world scale in such a way as to remind Americans that events abroad as well as at home have gone into the making of our world, our country, and ourselves...



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712 pagina's
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Quincy Howe
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