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  • 9781910972045
  • oktober 2015
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The mystical world of Turmali is in crisis. Invading aliens from outer space have stolen the Tourmaline gemstones that give power and light to this far-off world. Now few gems remain and the world is dying. The aliens have also destroyed the rainbow bridges that connect the seven lands of Turmali so the people are cut off and isolated, living in fear of their alien invaders – the dreaded "Light Killers". Discover, in the GoMadKids books, how twelve brave children from Earth and their robot friend IKE, in a race against time, set about trying to save this threatened world.

In the GoMadKids series of books, readers can experience the world of Turmali (as seen in the Turmali game at www.turmali.com) in more depth. In these stories, Turmali and its inhabitants come to life in real and exciting ways.

At the end of each book, there are five questions to test readers' comprehension skills. Also, for those children who are able to answer questions about the books in the game, there is the bonus of being able to earn extra points. Therefore, children are actively encouraged to read and can reap the rewards of reading.

The GoMadKids books offer unique and magical adventures in their own right. They provide an opportunity to get to know the GoMadKids (and IKE the robot) in more detail as they explore the seven lands of Turmali. Watch the characters grow and develop as they use their problem-solving skills, initiative, teamwork and magical powers to battle the enemy – the evil Light Killers – and find the Tourmaline gemstones they need to save this dying world.

If they wish, readers can choose their favourite character to follow in their own series of books. The GoMadKids come from many different countries, enabling readers to learn about the customs and culture of Africa, America, Brazil, China, India and the UK. The GoMadKids also come from very different backgrounds and the stories empower readers to realise that they too can achieve great things if they apply themselves. The stories demonstrate how each GoMadKid can make a difference in life if they set a goal, believe in themselves, work as part of a team and remain positive and determined.

Abigail Turner is one of the twelve GoMadKids and she has her own series of ten books for readers to enjoy. In this particular story, the first in the Abigail Turner series, Abigail has a frightening dream about rainbow-coloured stones and, following the dream, odd things start to happen. She even witnesses a dark mist hovering over the heads of her cheerleading friends at school in Lantana, Florida. Due to an act of bravery and cool-headedness, Abigail is presented with a special gift – a red Tourmaline gemstone – and she's told that if she places this gemstone under her pillow at night, she'll be transported to a strange and magical world.



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Gomadkids Jonna Ivin
Jonna Ivin

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