Alien Nation The 2nd Coming

Alien Nation
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  • november 2014
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SUPREME COMMANDER LUCIFER, after the scientific research and experimentation of perfecting the SPECIES of various creatures on Planet Earth, called HUMANOIDS, for the purpose of enslaving to excavate the Earth minerals needed to power the energy of their Planet called Nibiru, Supreme Commander Lucifer began to contemplate his fate as DEMIGOD, a God subject to much higher GOD, for he knows in his heart that He will never become a GOD of GODS, which He has been dreaming of ever since he became Commander of Galactic Special Forces Expedition to Earth. Yet at some point in time, He began to realize in his longing lonely mind that He’s dream of becoming GOD OF GODS is plausible and possible, and that all he needs to do is to make a perfect plan and take actions to put it into reality, the only problem is that, He can be that GOD OF GODS, but not in their Planet of Nibiru, but in this Blue Planet called Earth. In his mind, the Earth is just so perfect for his grand plan of becoming a God of Gods. As years gone by, He began to despise the GODS OF NIBIRU, for he feels that all his efforts and dedication mining the Blue Planet Earths minerals for their Planet Nibiru has gone un-noticed by the Gods, and that as per his expectations, He, Supreme Commander Lucifer, being the overseer of the great mining operations for their planet Nibirus needed energy deserves a Galactic Recognition, yet as fate dictates, it seems that the GODS OF NIBIRU, in their GODLY DOMAIN AND ABODE OF HAPPINESS, forgot about him and his GALACTIC SPECIAL FORCES EXPEDITIONARY COMMAND , worse, as he feels in his heart, never care about them. The 1st Galactic War was ignited by Supreme Commander Lucifer and his trusted Legionnaires rebellion, and the murder of Lord God Adanis and his trusted Royal Guards Legionnaires Escort, during their visitation of Blue Planet Earth. The whole Planet of Nibiru was on the verge of Civil War because during that era of time, THE ELDERS, the Gods and Goddesses couldn’t agree with each other, and find solutions how to deal SANELY with what happen to Lord God Adanis and his trusted escort Royal Guards Legionnaires, for if they will report what they had found out, and will be known to all the Nibirunians what really transpired, their Galactic Society will collapse, all the foundation of Universal Good Governance will be questioned, tarnished with Evil Deeds. The descendants of those who had perished in that tragedy never forget what had happened during that fateful day. They remained quiet and planned secretly for eon of time, awaiting that perfect timing of their REVENGE. Some of these descendants rise to power and occupied high positions in Nibiru’s Society, some are Generals in the Unified High Command, and some are members of the so-called NIBIRU’S POWERFUL GROUP OF SECRET SOCIETY CALLED “THE ELDERS.” And now, in the sacred wedding of Goddess Nakki and God Anuk, they are their attending, disguising and masquerading their identity, awaiting that final cue of revealing themselves, to seize and take over the Throne Of Planet Nibiru, so that no one will oppose their much awaited realization of REVENGE, the annihilation and full destruction of Blue Planet Earth, and the condemnation to frozen eternal death in the abyss of Universe of those DEMIGODS, lead by Supreme Commander Lucifer who betrayed their Planet Nibiru, and defiled their Lord God Adanis and his Royal Guard Legionnaires, for as per Galactic Defense Inter-Galaxy Intelligence Report under Supreme Commander Ceazarous, that Supreme Commander Lucifer and some of his loyal Legionnaires survive the 1st Galactic War and are still alive, hiding in the deeps of Blue Planet Earth, treating themselves as Gods. Goddess Nakki and God Anuk will have to withstand time apart and sacrifice their love and affection to each other, in order to save their wandering and ailing Planet Nibiru from extinction, and the destruction of Blue Planet called Earth, and to avert impending 2nd Galactic War.



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The 2nd Coming
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