Alpine Renault

The Fabulous Berlinettes


The berlinettes were fragile, beautifully designed, lightweight road rockets. For the first time, Alpine Renault enthusiasts around the world can read the complete history of them in English.

This book is not just for owners of Alpine Renaults, but for all those interested in rallying and its spectacular period of rapid development in the late 1960s and early '70s. Hear from the men who built the cars, some of the great drivers who became famous driving them, the team manager, the Redele family – creators of the car – and the mechanics who kept the cars going. The story covers the concept, the first cars, the early road cars, and their entry into competition on the European rallying circuit, with full charted documentary details.

The Alpine A110 berlinette was a car born to compete, born to win. This is its story.


Smith digs deep, talking to all the key surviving figures including racer Jean Vinatier and rally ace Michele Mouton, who started her career in 1973 with an A110. Even Jean Todt, who co-drove Alpines to a number of victories, contributes and the wealth of quotes really lifts the history ... Essential reading. Classic & Sports Car (UK) It is written in the usual anecdotal Roy Smith style of tremendous, sometimes even breathless enthusiasm for his subject and he is able to convey a huge amount of detail in an engaging and highly readable way. Like his other Alpine books, it is at times a real blow by blow account, so this is just as well. Again he has been able to get most of the people involved and alive today, such figures as Jean Todt, Gerard Larrousse and Michele Mouton, to talk willingly and at length about their experiences. He links their contributions with his energetic, fast moving narrative; extensive access to original French sources also means he has been able to obtain many fine photographs and the book is superbly illustrated and a pleasure simply even to leaf through. Kieron Fennelly- freelance this work is an absolute cracker and, frankly, if you're a berlinette enthusiast, then the volume's 242 action- and photograph-packed pages are worth every cotton-picking penny of the asking price! ... It is doubtful whether any other author in the future will be able to improve on the overall excellence of this offering historically or photographically and, because of the limited number of copies published and of the esoteric nature of the subject, it is unlikely that the title will remain in print for long. In other words ... don't just sit there and hum and haw. If you wouldn't mind having a copy - even if it's only for the plethora of fine b & w and colour photographs - then just do it. Renotes A great look at the creation, development and success of one of the classic rally cars of all time and is a must-have for all Alpine fans. Daily Express/Sunday Express In view of the author's previous books on related matters ... and his most particular fondness for the Alpine (he even owned one), this new book was inevitable. New it may be but it was six years in the making [... this] has only benefited it because the writing is more expansive, more fleshed out, there's more mood, tone, and context. It is an engaging book to just read, not merely to study or consult for specific morsels of micro detail. As Smith's previous books, this new one would have advanced the body of literature simply by being the first English-language treatment in book form. But it is more than just a soup-to-nuts compilation of known snippets of information previously scattered across magazines and news reports. He has, as always, dug deep and interviewed people directly involved with the cars, unearthed new photos, and gathered competition data (but only from important events ). Some of the archival material is certainly new to the record. The Flying Lady A great buy for enthusiasts Auto Express Accomplished author Roy Smith uncovers the history of the Alpine Renault' fabulous berlinettes in his usual Miss Marple style of investigation. ... a well-informed and authoritative insight to the whole Alpine project ... Smith has produced a work that will appeal to the casual reader as well as rally enthusiasts and Alpine aficionados. Vintage Racecar/Vintage Roadcar A beautiful piece of car history! Klassiek & Techniek One hell of a lot of information in here. Motor Sport a new and extraordinary addition on Alpine Alpine Revue This lavish hardback from Veloce recounts the history of one of the most notable French sporting cars. Rally successes and developmental trials are explored through engaging prose ... inspires a passion for the beautiful French sports car. Classic Car Weekly very entertaining! Auto Bild Classic. The author certainly knows his Alpine history, having written so many books about its sportscar racing activities. Yet as the title suggest he's one of many thousands of fans of the A110 berlinette, and quite rightly so. This book is about Riddle's Alpines the super-light rear-engined giant-killers of rallying, and some racing. - IRDC Quattro.



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The Fabulous Berlinettes

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