An Incredible Tale of Faith and Forgiveness In a Small Kansas Town

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  • september 2017
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In this Incredible tale of Faith and Forgiveness two young killers turn themselves in to the local sheriff when they see, in a newsmagazine, the man they murdered lying dead with the words 'I forgive you, boys' scrawled in his blood on the wall behind him. National attention is drawn to this confession by the two heretofore unidentified killers. A major New York publisher offers a book contract to the reporter who has covered the story only to find that the reporter has just been killed in a small-plane crash. He sends a junior editor to get a signed contract from the man's widow only to find the reporter's boss, Fleming, the local paper's publisher, has become vitally interested in the murdered man's story. He had never liked Wilson, the nightwatchman who was murdered, and had never regarded him as saintly, but he is forced to change his view of Wilson when he reads Wilson's diary which includes many references to his praying all night for various people in town, prayers that he knew had been answered. Fleming, tremendously impressed by the contents of Wilson's diary, decides that the town owes Wilson a memorial service for his unknown dedication to the people of Clay City and hurriedly arranges one in the high school gym, inviting his state's senators who in turn invite the president of the United States.Fleming gets the support of the town's seven ministers to urge their congregations to attend this memorial when he discloses to the ministers that Wilson is the unknown donor of thousands of dollars to all of the churches' charitable funds. He urges the ministers not to disclose this to their members, but only to tell them they will be shocked by revelations in Wilson's diary. Fleming gets their unqualified support and an agreement from all of them to read the most revelatory passages in Wilson's diary. This memorial service turns out to be an outstanding event, attended by the state's senators and the President, and one which will be quoted from in years to come. The NY editor,a confirmed agnostic before this service, is deeply disturbed by the faith demonstrated in this service and forced to rethink his own faith or lack of it. Was George Wilson truly a saint, or not?



september 2017
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106 pagina's



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In a Small Kansas Town
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