Ancient Love (The Complete Collection) EBOOK

Auteur: Natalie Black
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781540138064
  • november 2016
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This boxed set includes five short stories of Dinosaur delight. You'll get to enjoy the following:

Volume 1:

Lura is unsatisfied with life in her tribe and continually dreams of exploring the great unknown. However, the alpha male, Shac, wants to make her his wife, something Lura dreads with every fiber of her being.

But one night, a T-Rex attacks the camp and he carries Lura off to a secluded part of the world, and she discovers sensations and desires that she never knew she had. With her eyes opening to an entire new world of pleasure and delights, Lura knows that things can never be the same again...

Volume 2:

Lucie Jones is a scientist obsessed with history, and it's been her lifelong goal to build a time machine and travel back to a more...primitive time. She's never felt like she's belonged in modern society, with modern relationships.

When Lucie finally perfects her machine, she disappears into the prehistoric world and awakens feelings and desires she never knew were inside her.

While trying to find food and shelter, Lucie comes across a terrifying Triceratops and, rather than being frightened, she finds that she is ideally suited for the savage time...and all of its fiery passions.

Volume 3:

Emma has given most of her adult life to the Museum of Natural History in London. But now, with the cost of a brand new exhibit, she finds herself made redundant - fired, out on her behind.

As she weeps at the loss of her beloved job, she makes a wish and, in a strange twist of cosmic fate, a group of dinosaurs come to life.

With nothing else to live for, she releases her natural inhibitions and indulges her wild side. A side full of passion, emotion, and unbridled lust!

Volume 4:

Tara and Janee have been friends all their lives, but when Tara discovers that Janee has been hiding something from her, she starts to doubt their friendship. What is it that Janee is hiding, and why does she feel that she can't even tell her best friend this deepest and darkest of secrets?

Finally, one evening Tara follows Janee into the unexplored forest and witnesses an act that both intrigues and disgusts her. But after a few more voyeuristic nights, and seeing how much fun Janee is having, Tara can no longer resist the passion, and she's finally tempted to join in.

The fierce, spicy action helps the two best friends form a bond that deepens their friendship and turns into something completely unexpected.

Volume 5t:

Beki, the youngest member of the tribe, is on a hunt to make her father proud and prove her worth to the group. But things go terribly wrong, she fails, and the dinosaur escapes.

Upon her return to camp, she is ridiculed and shamed, but just then, a fearsome Pterodactyl attacks the camp and carries her away.

The terrifying creature keeps her captive, and Beki has to use everything at her disposal, including her body, to overcome him and prove that she is worth to lead the tribe.

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november 2016
Ebook formaat
Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Natalie Black
Roja Publishing

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