Asylum in Legations and Consulates and in Vessels

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Asylum in Legations and Consulates and in Vessels
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Auteur: John Bassett Moore

Uitgever: General Books

  • Engels
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  • General Books
  • januari 2012
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Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: from prison in disguise and on pretence of being an English courier gained admission to the hotel of the English ambassador, Colonel Guideckens. On the refusal of the ambassador to surrender him, the Swedish government surrounded the hotel with troops, searched all who entered it and caused the minister's carriage to be followed by a guard. In consequence, Guideckens surrendered the culprit under protest, but subsequently, under instructions of his government, demanded redress. Failing to obtain it, he left Stockholm suddenly, by order of his king, without taking formal leave; and as the Swedish government responded by ordering its ambassador away from London in the same manner, diplomatic relations were for the time suspended.1 III. Survivals of Asylum in Europe. By too readily inferring that the views of Grotius and Bynker- shoek were immediately admitted in the practice of states and that the more recent cases of invasion of diplomatic asylum to which I have adverted mark its termination, many writers have been led to assert in terms too sweeping and absolute that the right to grant such asylum has long since ceased to be recognized in European countries.2 It has, indeed, ceased to be the rule; but there seems to be ample evidence that its decline was slow and not infrequently interrupted. Vattel, who was a diplomatist as well as a publicist, doubtless wrote in reference to existing practices; and in his great treatise, published in 1758, while inveighing against a minister's taking advantage of his immunities in order "to afford shelter and protection to the enemies of the prince and to malefactors of every kind, and thus screen them from the punishment they have deserved," he said: 1 Martens, Causes Celebres, vol. ii, cause iv. Phillimore, vol. ii, ccv, says: " It se...

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Auteur John Bassett Moore
Soort Met illustraties
Taal Engels
Afmetingen 2x246x189 mm
Gewicht 82,00 gram
ISBN10 0217725872
ISBN13 9780217725873

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Bindwijze Paperback

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