Attraction Is a Feeling. Love Is a Promise. How to Know If You Are Ready for Marriage.

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Attraction Is a Feeling. Love Is a Promise.
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Marriage can be a satisfying and exciting life-journey for a man and a woman who love each other. However, the significant number of divorced and separated persons indicates that there is a fundamental problem with their marriage preparation.The dreaded phrases "I just don’t love you anymore” and "where has the love gone” are common among those who mistook their intense feelings of attraction as love. Attraction is not love. Attraction is an emotional force that we can feel, while love is a promise to do four progressively challenging things. This book is written to help men understand if they are ready to make and keep these promises.Promise number 1 is to accept her exactly as she is right now, with everything that you know and do not know about her - and there is much that you do not know.Promise number 2 is to accept everything about her as she ages - for better or worse, richer or poorer, health or sickness.Promise number 3 is to forgive her. Neither of you is perfect; therefore, you will both make mistakes, and you will both need to depend on each others' forgiveness.Promise number 4 is to encourage her. This provides purpose for the marriage.These promises are completed or consummated with sexual intercourse after they are formally made at your wedding. If the promises are not completed, then the marriage can easily be annulled.To demonstrate your intention to keep your promises, and not reject her for a younger and more shapely rival as she ages, you must restrain yourself from sexual intercourse until after you have formally made your promises. If you are able to restrain yourself while your level of attraction is at its highest with her, then you show her that you are capable of resisting the future temptations that are certain to come from others.The couple who is ready to make and keep their promises of love is ready to get married. Spouses of those with no intention of keeping these promises endure a life sentence of misery. Do not join them.



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How to Know If You Are Ready for Marriage.
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