Autobiography of a New York City Salesman EBOOK Tooltip My Parallel Life of Transformation Through Conscious Evolution and Kundalini Energy

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A wondrous and fascinating account of a parallel life of Conscious Evolution and Kundalini Activation directly from the streets of New York City! If you are attracted to the ideas of spirituality and raising the level of consciousness of humanity as a whole, you will want to peer into the inner life of Rich Mollura. In the early 1980's, Rich was initiated into a surprising transformational journey by the relentless force of Kundalini Energy and Conscious Evolution. This powerful and ancient mystery spontaneously and intelligently re-engineered Rich's Being. Little by little over 40 years, he came to appreciate an unexpected and ingenious dimension of Life which revealed beauty, mystery, and profundity. The strangest part of this tale is that while these transformations occurred, he was simultaneously living an ordinary parallel life as a leading salesman to NYC businesses. Unknown to virtually anyone, he was waking up every morning at 3 AM to refine psychological insights and perform esoteric practices that he would later use to negotiate the movements inside his body as he worked to interconnect and comprehend this spectacular unfolding. Imagine sitting in business meetings with jolts of bio-electricity firing down limbs and electrifying your brain! All while appearing normal and consistent with the world without notice. Rich invites us into a world that was private but explosive as he tells how everyone from Carl Sagan and Walt Whitman to the Wizard of Oz and Eckhart Tolle (among others), came to become intellectual companions along the way. Rich shares how he used his accumulated wisdom to weather everyday challenges that included the loss of his beloved mother to a Gliobastoma, to how he and his wife Nancy addressed their son Richard's Crohn's and Celiac condition, and other life challenges that threaten us all. Rich details how life's higher wisdom can come to inspire and support our journey through higher energies of the body, nature, and ancient wisdom. This book will help you to: • Embrace life as your teacher and partner • Learn new and inventive teachings that could inspire your unique growth • Open to how spider webs and butterflies can come to enlighten you • Realize the profound potential of the energies of the human body
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oktober 2019
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Adobe ePub


Rich Mollura
Balboa Press

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My Parallel Life of Transformation Through Conscious Evolution and Kundalini Energy

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