Autobiography Of A Spiritually Incorrect Mystic

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Autobiography Of A Spiritually Incorrect Mystic
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Auteur: OSHO

Uitgever: St Martin's Press

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  • St Martin's Press
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  • juni 2001
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An indispensable work for understanding the life and teachings of one of the most unusual mystics and philosophers of our time.

Ten years have past since, in the words of his attending physician, Osho prepared for his departure from the body that had served him for fifty-nine years "as calmly as though he were packing for a weekend in the country." This volume is recognition that the time has come to provide a historical and biographical context for understanding Osho and his work. Who was this man, known as the Sex Guru, the "self-appointed bhagwan" (Rajneesh), the Rolls-Royce Guru, the Rich Man's Guru, and simply the Master?

Drawn from nearly five thousand hours of Osho's recorded talks, this is the story of his youth and education, his life as a professor of philosophy and years of travel teaching the importance of meditation, and the true legacy he sought to leave behind: a religionless religion centered on individual awareness and responsibility and the teaching of "Zorba the Buddha," a celebration of the whole human being.

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Auteur OSHO
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