Baby and Toddler on Board Mindful par enting when a new baby joins the family

Baby and Toddler on Board
Auteur: Val Mullally
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781912328284
  • november 2018
  • 214 pagina's
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Here's how to support your toddler when your second child is born. This is a practical guide to parenting mindfulness and finding peace in the frantic world of babyhood and toddler-dom. It gives insights into what is needed for gentle parenting, amidst a sea of nappies, feeds, tears, toys, cuddles and laughter.In Baby And Toddler On Board - Mindful Parenting When A New Baby Joins the Family you'll share the escapades of toddler Liam and his family as they prepare for and welcome the new addition to the family. In this light-hearted and insightful book, parenting author Val Mullally reflects upon the questions that are on the heart of every parent having a second baby:* How do I prepare my toddler for a new sibling* How to meet the challenges of parenting a toddler as well as a baby* How to create win-win solutions when relationships get stressed*What children need to truly thrive* How to still be a person myself!This is not a toddler taming book; rather it's a book that encourages the parent to perceive and respond to the young child's experience of life at the time of a new arrival. Val gives you a peek into Danish Parenting, and offers parental guidance to reduce family stress, toddler temper tantrums and acting out behaviours, as you discover the art of coping with two. Sharing heart-warming moments, this book unfolds three core principles that can strengthen your bond with your toddler and your baby. This is the book for every parent who is expecting - or already has - a baby and who has a toddler, or preschooler, on board. It is also an inspiring read for anyone with an interest in parenting and childcare, including grandparents and other relatives, those working with toddlers and preschoolers, and those supporting young families. Buy this enlightening book if you are someone who wants to develop authentic parent-child relationships, and live more joyfully with the children in your life. This book is not overwhelming, it's not too wordy, it's not preachy - simple, manageable and bite-size, which is pretty much all a parent with a toddler and new-born can, or wants, to handle. It is an essential and enlightening read for anyone who wants to create a calm and loving home where there is mutual respect and contentment. Val's practical, insightful examples and experiments encourage mindful and fulfilling parenting. The easy-to-read style and helpful tips make it a book that you will want to pick up for reference again and again. Reading this book could be one of the most beneficial things you can do in preparing for, or coping with, a new addition to the family. A delightful and novel way to gently lead parents on their child-rearing journey. You will smile as you see little Liam enjoying his family, and you will enjoy the images of the Danish countryside, parks and homes, as well as learning about a Danish parenting style. This is a warm, caring parenting book, one you will hug to yourself as you read! Scroll back to the top and click the BUY NOW button, if you'd love to read this charming story, or want to give a little gift that could prove to be an invaluable treasure to a young family.



november 2018
Aantal pagina's
214 pagina's


Val Mullally
Orla Kelly Publishing



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