Barbies in the Horse Bin Living Better with Organized Children

Barbies in the Horse Bin
Auteur: Lisa Bates
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  • 9781503046269
  • januari 2015
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The single biggest mistake that parents make when teaching their children organizational skills is this: It is EASIER to do things yourself! You know this, I know this yet we cannot seem to stop doing it. As the adult, you do things faster, more efficiently, better and with less mess. Additionally, if you do it yourself, you do not have to listen to complaining, back talk, sighing, be the recipient of an overly dramatic eye roll or put up with a tantrum. There are a multitude of reasons for doing things yourself, too many to mention, yet there is just one reason to stop: you are doing more harm than good. Living better with organized children is possible and the organizational skills you teach your children will affect their success in school and in life. This non-traditional organizing book examines organization at its fundamental level and breaks down the concept of organization into 15 teachable skills you can use every day with children of all ages. This book is NOT a “how to” organize your child’s room, toys, backpack or locker. There are no before and after pictures, no lists of “shoulds” and “should nots”. If that is the book you are looking for, go ahead and put this one down, I don’t want you to be disappointed.We speak in sound bites, read Facebook posts and use 140 characters in a twitter message. Life is good, fast, technological, and sometimes out of control. Parenting is full of quick thinking, on your toes, problem solving. Our children and our lives bombard us every day with questions, problems, messes and more. In those moments you will recall a phrase, a mantra or a quote that will guide your next move. This book tells the stories and experiences of thousands of children and families; stories that will resonate with you and help you with your family.“Organization is not about being perfect. It is about living better and the only mistake is not to begin…”



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242 pagina's



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