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Be Positive

Keep a Word of Faith in Your Mouth

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  • december 2013
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While the subject of faith has been handled extensively by many it still remains of central importance and relevance in our relationship to God. The discussion of it, understanding of it and reliance upon it, through the centuries of human existence has not changed the vitality and mystery of it. My reflection in this area is simply to underscore how relevant faith in God is today as it has always been. Yet we can never exhaust this particular area of the believer’s existence which remains under constant attack by the defector of the faith, who by means of spiritual warfare would fight the very thing that brings reality and meaning to our destiny. The enemy is not consumed by our things, our possessions nor our accomplishments, but consumed by the thing that brings all of these things into reality for the believer, our faith. The platform and definitive guide concerning faith for the purpose of this writing is centered on the great Hebrews 11 rendering. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen” – Hebrews 11:1 Faith then means we assume the confidence of things being real while knowing they are real based upon the confidence that we have in God and His ability to stand behind the evidence of that reality. Being able to see what we have confidence in becomes irrelevant when the power of God is visible and operative. Our faith by connection to God materializes in the actions we take, the choices we make and the decisions we undertake. Faith is the principle and foundation for all success. It is central to the survival of all of us that believe. In many ways the places of worship that are filled to capacity every weekend deliver instruction in the understanding, the articulation and the application of faith. I call these gatherings universities of faith because they inspire learning about the central theme of our existence and relationship with God. This is where we learn the elements, the rudiments and the establishment of faith! Be Positive Keep A Word of Faith in Your Mouth speaks to this concept of the university of faith. It describes the many empowering experiences that we must complete to continue to build faith. The path of faith is not always a linear one, meaning beginning at one point and smoothly continuing to a final end. It is the culmination of many journeys, eventualities and recommitments. Each portion of the journey is unique. Each step, success or set back draws on our individual resilience to continue to climb toward our purpose. “For we walk by faith and not by sight” – 2 Corinthians 5:7 Walking by faith does not always predict the types of circumstances that we will be challenged by. So in general terms we must walk in faith disregarding what we walk through. This challenges but also strengthens our ability to walk. What we see naturally will challenge the pursuit of our goals, dreams and ambitions. The journey often forces us to close our eyes, becoming blind to what we see naturally and depend entirely on what we believe spiritually. Faith understands the process and the journey. Accomplishment or completion does not always mean there have not been adversities. It means that in spite of the adversities we have prevailed. Every time we rebound, recover, resume or try again we draw on another incredible level of faith. The power of God reactivates the energy to return to the mindset and belief system that is necessary to achieve the reality of our faith. What does it take to start over and begin faith dependence again? How do we reassemble ourselves, put our best foot forward and attempt to build again. We must all learn the skill of rapidly releasing the failure or frustration of our past experiences and take the painful but necessary steps to begin trusting God again! Every believer has the power within to resurge, to rebound and to re-engage the strength to reclaim focus and clarity. Recouping the power to forget what is behind us while reminding ourselv


Pj Edmund Sr Pj Edmund Sr
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december 2013

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