Beyond the Beyond Poems to My Beloved Self

Auteur: Janaka Stagnaro
Taal: Engels
Beyond the Beyond
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781490493626
  • oktober 2013
  • 116 pagina's
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The path to God, or to the Beloved, is not an easy path, although it is the easiest path there is. It is wrought with challenges and temptations to draw our focus away from the Divine and to entice us to run after fleeting things, little moments of pleasure. While at the same time, it is the easiest thing in all the world because all we have to do is just remember who we really are. The Beloved wants only this and is 100 percent behind this quest, and the whole universe is set up with that end in mind. This collection of poems to the Self by the Self reminds us all of who we really are beyond our many definitions, and is a guide for us when we forget. These words of love and wisdom inspire and, at times shock, the reader into reconnecting with his or her Divine Nature that is always unconditionally Perfect. These poems were written while running along the devotional path (bhakti) and sitting upon the path of Self-knowledge (jnana).The veil is simply lifting. It is time to wake up and see beyond the meat; beyond the shifting images. And see the Beloved, Who is Beauty Eternal, waiting with open arms. ''Janaka is a poet, teacher, mystic, and seeker of truth. The poems in this collection read like refreshing love songs to the divine essence in all of us. In the tradition of Rumi, Hafiz and the mystical poets, Janaka’s poems flow from the heart, and convey a sense of longing for the inner realization of the light within. Let his words sweep you into the stream that leads to the center of joy in your heart.'' —Emory Michael, author ofQueen of the Sun and the Alchemy of Sacred Living. ''A truly remarkable collection by a natural poet who tackles a profound subject with verve and enthusiasm, erotic, reverential at the same time. Congratulations!'' Alan Jacobs, President of the Ramana Maharshi Foundation, U.K; editor of Poetry for the Spirit and other numerous books; and author ofEutopia: The Gnostic Land of Prestor John and Myrobalan of The Magi. ''All of Janaka's poems move and inspire me - they speak so clearly and beautifully of the world's relative reality, while always pointing to the Divine truth of the Reality of what we are.''--Jim Dreaver, author of End Your Story, Begin Your Life andThe Way of Harmony. ''Janaka has changed the curve of the Indian path: family, work, aesthetic by adding family again to the later part of the path. I read these poems as the expression of that extraordinary practice: to live in, but not of, the world. While keeping up family and metier.''--Tom of Sebastopol



oktober 2013
Aantal pagina's
116 pagina's



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