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Blessing In Disguise

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Artiest(en): Black-Bone
  • LP (VINYL)
  • 2 platen
  • Engels
  • september 2015
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Blessing In Disguise is een LP (VINYL) van Black-Bone.

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  • Black-Bone Blessing in disguise
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    Today’s rock n roll music scene is packed with young hipsters wearing their sisters’ jeans, their Wal-Mart bought Motorhead and AC/DC shirts sitting in there parents garage surrounded by Orange amplifiers and Gibson SG guitars smoking cloves and thinking they are the next big rock n roll band. Well it takes more than the smell of patchouli and bangs covering your eyes to be a kick ass rock band. Black-Bone are three young kids from the Netherlands that American kids need to take a listen to and see what rock n roll is all about. Black-Bone has taken all their influences and instead of just copying them they have put together a great mix of classic blues based groove orientated rock n roll with a much needed fresh modern sound. From the opening track “Nothing But History” you start to get that great stripped down AC/DC, Aerosmith groove going. You hear parts of Zeppelin, Hanoi Rocks , Kiss and then throw in some Guns n Roses and Alice In Chains. It might sound like a strange mix up of classic rock, 80's’ & 90’s metal, but they make it work with brilliant guitar playing, lyrics that pull you in and just overall great rock n roll riffs. Every rock n roll generation always worries who will be the next to carry the torch into the future and will they be worthy of doing so. Well I think Black-Bone has stood up and declared that they are not only ready but 100% capable of doing so. Blessing In Disguise may be just that. Black-Bone are now on one of the premier rock labels that truly believes in not only preserving the great history of rock n roll but is dedicated to bringing it into the future with great young bands like Black-Bone. So pick it up and demand your stores carry them and that your radio stations play them. Despite what some rock icons have been saying lately, rock is not dead and there are new bands ready to take up the torch for rock n roll and Black-Bone is at the front of the line.
    (Groovy The Metal Chicken)

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Tracklist Plaat

  • 1. Black-Bone - Nothing But History
  • 2. Black-Bone - Loaded - Weighted
  • 3. Black-Bone - Su??cide (Ain't No Way Out)
  • 4. Black-Bone - Enemy
  • 5. Black-Bone - Wrong
  • 6. Black-Bone - Never Too Loud
  • 7. Black-Bone - Ashereah
  • 8. Black-Bone - You Gotta Nerve
  • 9. Black-Bone - Wasted Years
  • 10. Black-Bone - Save It For Tomorrow
  • 11. Black-Bone - Believe



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2 platen
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17 september 2015

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2010 - 2019
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Drager: LP
22, 99
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