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Auteur: P. Powell
Taal: Engels
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  • oktober 2018
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Blues Series Book # 1- The Crystal Hill Incident

In 1976 LT. CORONEL CLINT MC DANIELS (Mac); a forty one year old dark haired, muscular man with a close haircut and mustache separates from his wife. He later leads a collection of Army Helicopters toward a crash landing on Crystal Hill by a space craft.

Upon arrival Mac knows his mission is to capture any survivors and to remove the spacecraft and all signs that they were ever there. Mac watches his helicopters and arriving F-15's dropping from the air above the crash site without power. When he sees that the spacecraft is not Russian as he thought, but non earth born. Mac utilizes his team of NASA Scientists, Engineers, and army to capture the crew some 30 live BLUES; seven feet tall alien beings, a bluish color, large heads and frailer bodies that consumes and controls all electrical energy around them. The can discharge 1500 volts of electricity. They also have the power of telepathy, which they use on some of his soldiers. Mac and others are chased by 40 CLEAR BLUE ANIMALS; protectors of the Blues, slithering clear blue animals that can heat up to 1800 degrees. Mac fights one that has eaten his right calf muscle, before it is chased off by his soldiers.

Mac has the crew, their protectors and their craft moved to nearby federal mountain top property. The property was occupied by Crystal Rock Native American Tribe and relocated. Provided they can still have rituals on hill above base. Mac organizes a team of scientists , soldiers and an Architect/Structural Engineer SOPHIA GARCIA; attractive Spanish light skinned woman, long flowing Dark Brown Hair, thirties (Salma Hayek type). The scientists mission is to help him control the crew. He utilizes Sophia's talents to build a new Army base. The soldiers mission is to protect the base from the Blues and others.

Mac is grateful that his closest friend MAJOR DONNIE SWIFT; male, 39, larger size and height arrives and takes over the control of the Army and Air Force soldiers at the base.

Mac watches as the metal shipping container is opened and sees the Blues. He is mind controlled by them briefly and is shown their history and plight.

Mac maintains order as the base is being completed, until a Russian spy infiltrates the base and blows up the habitat area where the Blues are housed in by accident. He has the Russian held by members of the FBI and NSA now on his team . Blues have escaped their habitats.

Mac has to let him go after a presidential agreement is made with the Russian government. Russian scientists are included in the team.

Mac helps with recapture of the Blues. Mac is communicated with by the Blues using telepathy and warned that they are deemed as damaged by their people who want the dead and others will come to kill them.

Mac orders the base to be fortified with missiles, cannons and more soldiers.

Mac knows the second craft is going to try to kill all the captive Blues, their craft and their protectors. The second craft arrives. A fight ensues with the troops. The base is destroyed, before they leave. Sophia is killed. The Crystal Rock Tribe ceremony shines Blue Crystal Light at Sophia's body and makes it glow blue. Then it is magically covered by white rose pedals. Mac loses it. The General in charge of everything arrives. Sophia's lifeless body is carried by soldiers through gauntlet of saluting soldiers and placed on a waiting helicopter. Mac is carried and placed next to her body and their German Shepherd puppy. All salute as they fly away escorted by army gunships.

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oktober 2018
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