Bobby Turner Forgotten Legend

Auteur: Ginger White
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  • augustus 2017
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In today’s world of ESPN Sports Center and the Top 10 Plays of the Day it’s easy to get lost in a world of sports, flamboyant players and instant celebrity. This life, if you let it, can chew you up and spit you out with just the blink of an eye. The addiction and curiosity we’re all guilty of having when it comes to watching these guys put on a show has become our most favorite past time. In the ‘70’s the city of Louisville, KY was known for producing some of the best basketball talent in the world. Wes Unseld, Michael Redd, Henry Bacon, Ron Thomas, Ron King, Otto Petty, Tom Payne, Larry Harrelson, Wesley Cox, Wayne Golden, Ronnie Daniels, Flenoil Crook, Robert Miller, Darrell Griffith, Durand Macklin, Jeff Lamp, Lee Raker, Jerry Eaves, Winston Bennett, Tony Kimbro, Felton Spencer, Herbert Crook, Allan Houston, Dwayne Morton, Jermaine Brown, Maurice Morris, Jason Osbourne, Danyell Macklin, DeJuan Wheat, Derek Anderson and of course Bobby Turner. Moving to Louisville from Alabama Bobby quickly took the spotlight and achieved athletic success at an early age. He became one of the most competitive and powerful basketball players Louisville, KY would ever see. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for Bobby’s fame and basketball success to cause this young man the pain and disappointment he never thought he’d experience, especially being a part of a sport he loved so much.Most of us think we know the story of this legendary athlete just as I did. The life and times of Bobby Turner will bring a completely unique perspective to how you start may or may not depend on how you finish. The unexpected twists and turns of his life were moments of celebration, winning, tragedy, loss, deception, alleged blackmail and ultimatums. He never gave up, he never quit. The mental toughness he learned to have on the court would soon help him off the court, the court of life.



augustus 2017
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Forgotten Legend
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