Body Magic! A Blissful End to Emotional Eating

Auteur: Chinmayi Dore
Taal: Engels
Body Magic!
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  • 9780993537004
  • januari 2016
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Not another Diet Book BodyMAGIC is not really about losing weight. It's about finding out why you can't. If you are eating emotionally, then you can "never" maintain a steady, healthy weight on any weight-loss diet, because you are not getting to the source of your eating habits. Your continued binge, disordered or compulsive eating only causes more pain, more misery and more disappointment. How many times have you started off your day with brave and bold intentions of how much and what you are going to eat? Diet books and weight loss club leaders will tell you that if you plan you can't fail. So why is it that within hours, or maybe a couple of days, you let it all fall by the wayside? If you look closer you will see that it is your emotions that drive you to the foods which don't serve your health "or" your happiness. "It's an Inside Job " For years maybe, you have stuffed down and numbed your emotions with food. But that pain isn't going anywhere. You "can" get those emotions out, recognise them, heal them "and" let them go for good. This is an emotional process and it can be challenging. But it will not be as difficult as you might think. You can find love for yourself and improve your body image so that life can be the wonderful experience it is meant to be. Instead of looking for a diet solution "outside" of your body, you are going to get to know yourself like never before. Then you are going to show yourself - your body, mind "and" soul, that you are worth better. You deserve health, healing and happiness so that you can find friendship with food, peace with your plate and love for your life. Then the BodyMAGIC will start to happen. "Changing Mode and Making Space" Chinmayi will show you how you can change your body's chemistry from stress to relaxation mode. Then all of your systems can rebalance and you will feel harmony, not just in your body and mind, but in your life. This book has so many options for you to get you back to where you started - before the emotional reactions of life's challenges took over your power. When you regain that power, you will make room for so many blessings. Not only will your friendship with food be a nourishing and happy one, but you will have more time and energy for the rest that life has to offer. If you are an emotional eater you probably spend an enormous amount of your days thinking about food. Imagine what you could do with all that new capacity You will replace that space with more of your best life "So what is BodyMAGIC ?" This is a practical guide with exercises, based on Chinmayi's success and a whole lot of up to date, verified research. The book needs some time and commitment to taking good gentle care of your body and mind. You will develop a daily practice based on traditional techniques, which will serve you "every" day. You may have already spent a lot of time and money on diets, over perhaps years. BodyMAGIC is for the rest of your life. It's not a quick fix but a groundbreaking approach to your life-long health. You will get a FREE workbook and access to recordings of profound practices to support you on this awesome journey. "Why not get started today?" "Every moment" is an opportunity for great change and to be living your best life in health, healing and happiness. Order your BodyMAGIC in "this" next moment by clicking Buy Now above.



januari 2016
Aantal pagina's
316 pagina's


Chinmayi Dore Chinmayi Dore
Chinmayi Dore
Chinmayi Dore



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A Blissful End to Emotional Eating

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