Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills: Discover How High Performing Leaders Use EQ To Close Sales Deals and Boost Relationships in Life with the 2.0 Practical Guide EBOOK Tooltip

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  • oktober 2019
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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence and Become an Impactful Leader

Emotions are deeply rooted within our lives. They govern our instinct and actions to the point that it is imperative to understand other people's emotions and how to properly react.

In our society we hear a lot of about IQ. The general norm is that a person with a high IQ is bound for success. But is that necessarily true? Some are naturally gifted with the ability to solve problems and think of the fly. However, the ability to interact with others in social settings or in a work place truly overshadows those with a high IQ. But why is that? How can understanding other people's emotions have a greater impact than a high IQ? The answer is that the connections we form and creating a positive environment have proven to drive results. That is why EQ is greater than IQ.

Inside you'll discover:

  • The profound intricacies of Emotional Intelligence and the right way to use them.

  • How to navigate conflicts like a diplomat negotiating a peace treaty in a war zone.

  • How to navigate conflicts like a diplomat negotiating a peace treaty in a war zone.

Eliminate Emotional Barriers and Boost Your Social Skills

Imagine you could be more social without all of that fear and anxiety holding you back. How would your life change? Would you have more friends? Better relationships?

Social anxiety and shyness are a problem for many. With so much technology it's like we forget how to talk or interact with another face to face. Think back to the last time you considered approaching someone, but for some reason you didn't. Even though you had something to say, you just couldn't bring yourself to speak those words.

But what are you afraid of? Is it that you'll be rejected? That the conversation will go nowhere? Or maybe you just don't feel like you have the necessary confidence to keep the other party's interest.

Inside this book I will show you:

  • How to make a door-busting first impression that people remember for life

  • Powerful techniques to tap into charisma and confidence on command

  • How to know exactly what other people are thinking even before they do

How to Thrive and Interact as A Quite Introvert

Ever try to impersonate an Extrovert to fit in? Can't over come social settings because you're easily over shadowed? Looking for the completive edge that will make the playing field even so you can standout without changing who you are?

All around us we hear the achievement and success from two thirds the population. The other one third are the unheard voices. The ones who listen instead of speaking. The ones whose innovations go unheard of. The one who favor working on their own. They are the introverts with a voice not heard. Just because the quiet has enveloped you into the shadows doesn't mean you can't outshine the Extroverts of the world. Even if your voice isn't heard, the value you bring will do the talking.

Inside you'll discover:

  • How to single handily create small talk and chatter without being awkward.

  • A survival guide for social situations to help you get known and be remembered.

  • How to build a network and make friends without changing who you are.



oktober 2019
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Epub zonder kopieerbeveiliging (DRM)


Robin Samuel Dean

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