Bossed Up With A Real One EBOOK A Thug's Passion

Auteur: Sade' Iona
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9781648406218
  • juli 2018
  • Adobe ePub
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Can you be a successful businesswoman, a sister, and have a relationship?
 For Ever, Raye, and Taylor, that is the question these three sisters ask themselves daily while harboring a deadly secret. Ever is the oldest and has made it her mission to always protect her sister. But with the pain she's endured in the past, will she able to open herself up to love again? Raye is used to turning up. She never requires much from a man, taking the bare minimum of whatever it is they give her. Will she be able to notice a real man when he presents himself to her, or will she be so used to untrustworthy guys that she'll miss out on real love? Taylor loves to burn sage and work on her inner peace. But with the pain she encounters in her childhood, she has shunned relationships altogether until she meets someone worth loving.
 Being on top has its highs and lows. And Benny, Lake, and Tru know that all too well. With very little family, they are bonded by their loyalty and love for each other. Benny has lost more than most, but still, he finds a way to reign on top with his brothers. But will a chance encounter with a girl in the club leave him getting more than he thought? 
 Lake has always been the chill one out of the group, focusing on raising his daughter and keeping his baby's mother in check. Can someone help bring some peace to his already dysfunctional life? Tru always speaks his mind. Running a successful drug business with his brothers, he has to keep a flock of bitches on deck, but when he sees a familiar face in the crowd, he knows that there's more to her. 
 Take a ride with these characters and their journey through life and see who really is riding with their shooter.

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juli 2018
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


Sade' Iona
Royalty Publishing House

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