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  • 9781462918539
  • mei 2016
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Treasured for centuries by karate's top masters, the Bubishi is a classic Chinese work on philosophy, strategy, medicine, and technique as they relate to the martial arts.

Referred to as the ''bible of karate'' by famous master Chojun Miyagi, for hundreds of years the Bubishiwas a secret text passed from master to student in China and later in Okinawa. All of karate's legendary masters have studied it, applied its teachings, or copied passages from it. No other classic work has had as dramatic an impact on the shaping and development of karate as the Bubishi.

Karate historian and authority Patrick McCarthy spent over ten years researching and studying the Bubishi and the arts associated with it. The first English translation of this remarkable martial arts manual includes numerous explanations and notes. McCarthy's work also includes groundbreaking research on Okinawan and Chinese history, as well as the fighting and healing traditions that developed in those countries, making it a gold mine for researchers and practitioners alike. For the final word on the true origins and spirit of classic Okinawan martial arts, one need look no further. This karate book is one of the best karate training supplements available.


Patrick McCarthy's Bubishi is a thoroughly researched translation and commentary that will intrigue even the most advanced reader...an extensive study that is comprehensible to the modern reader while losing none of the work's ancient wisdom. --Budo Dojo The Bubishi's message is timeless. Its wisdom boundless. -- Jesse Enkamp, founder of KARATEbyJesse.com (McCarthy) will leave no stone unturned in his passionate pursuit. --Hanshi Cezar Borkowski, Northern Karate, Toronto Patrick McCarthy's research is both comprehensive and meticulous...a welcome edition to any martial arts library. --Karate International This work is a milestone of epic proportions which will help to bridge the gap between Chinese and Okinawan culture. --Traditional Karate Patrick McCarthy is the foremost Western historian of karate-do. --Fighting Arts International The Bubishi remains an indispensible tome for the serious Karate enthusiast. --Joe Swift, karate historian & researcher & founder of Tokyo Mushinkan If you are a serious Martial Artist, no matter what your current level or background, this text is vital for you. --Evan Pantazi, Sensei, founder of Kyusho.com

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mei 2016
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


McCarthy, Patrick
Tuttle Publishing


Vertaald door
Patrick Mccarthy

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The Classic Manual of Combat
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