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  • 9781846142260
  • februari 2018
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Richard Sennett

"Richard Sennett OBE (born 1 January 1943) is the Centennial Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics and former University Professor of the Humanities at New York University. He is currently a Senior Fellow of the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University. Sennett has studied social ties in cities, and the effects of urban living on individuals in the modern world.

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'Thank god for Richard Sennett ... essential reading for all students of the city' Anna Minton, Prospect

'Constantly stimulating ideas from a veteran of urban thinking' Jonathan Meades, Guardian

In Building and Dwelling, Richard Sennett distils a lifetime's thinking and practical experience to explore the relationship between the good built environment and the good life. He argues for, and describes in rich detail, the idea of an open city, one in which people learn to manage complexity. He shows how the design of cities can enrich or diminish the everyday experience of those who dwell in them.

The book ranges widely - from London, Paris and Barcelona to Shanghai, Mumbai and Medellin in Colombia - and draws on classic thinkers such as Tocqueville, Heidegger, Max Weber, and Walter Benjamin. It also draws on Sennett's many decades as a practical planner himself, testing what works, what doesn't, and why. He shows what works ethically is often the most practical solution for cities' problems. This is a humane and thrilling book, which allows us to think freshly about how we live in cities.

'Sennett is my kind of urbanist. He sees the modern city. He reads its secrets as he walks down the street, kicking over the detritus of the past ... There is no alternative to the planner, but please a planner who has read Sennett's book' Simon Jenkins, Sunday Times


Offers the sort of intellectual provocation that can make inquisitive planners question just about everything they do and everything they think about cities -- Josh Stephens * Los Angeles Review of Books * As they glide between urban planning and workplace sociology, architectural history and pragmatist philosophy, Sennett's graceful and congenial books dispense wisdom without hubris on an enviable range of topics -- Boyd Tonkin * Tablet * Richard Sennett is my kind of urbanist ... he embodies Ruskin's belief that of thousands who can think, there is one who can see -- Simon Jenkins * Sunday Times * Brilliant ... Essential reading for all students of the city -- Anna Minton * Prospect * No one knows more than he about cities and the efforts that have been made over the past two centuries to order and plan them to make them more liveable for their inhabitants. It is this eternally problematic relationship between the city's form - buildings, streets, highways, transport networks - and the quality of collective life it can offer its citizens, that has been at the heart of his life-long project as an urbanist and practising planner. -- Jerry White * Times Literary Supplement * Richard Sennett is a thoughtful writer with far-ranging interests and a keen eye for hidden patterns and complex processes that may escape the casual observer. He has always been a pleasure to read. His first book, The Uses of Disorder, published almost 50 years ago (1970), was a reflection on the value of anti-authoritarian or anti-hierarchical anarchy in city life, and his new book, his 15th, is a more elaborate, and more sophisticated, take on his original insights. -- Shlomo Angel * Wall Street Journal * Distils into a single volume his thoughts on how urban design shapes the ways in which we relate to one another ... Sennett is as passionate as ever about the richness and complexity of public life ... The nub of Building and Dwelling is that the open city is a demanding place ... one that requires us to embrace difference, even if we do not identify with it. Typically idealistic, typically urbane [it is] well-timed for the disputes of our day -- Justin McGuirk * New Yorker * He has brought to the study of urban life a perception that includes literature, philosophy, art, sociology and economics, as well as his personal experiences -- Rowan Moore * Observer * Sennett leavens the big ideas with snapshots of real life. ... It reads like a summation of a life lived in cities and is, ultimately, a paean to their unpredictability, a call for tolerance and a celebration of difference -- Edwin Heathcote * Financial Times * Constantly stimulating ... a lateish-life appraisal of what Richard Sennett has read, written and, most vitally, witnessed on the street or in the marketplace in the tradition of the sharp-eyed, sharp-nosed flaneur taking in every sensation -- Jonathan Meades * Guardian *

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4 reviews
  • Stedenbouw en ethiek verbonden
    • Praktisch toepasbaar
    • Heldere boodschap
    • Inspirerend

    Geschreven bij Building and Dwelling

    Heel boeiend boek over de geschiedenis van de stedenbouw vanuit de vraag hoe bewoners in een stad leven. Richard Sennett gebruikt voorbeelden uit zijn eigen ervaringen als stedenbouwer om te laten zien hoe een 'open' ontwerp de bewoners kan helpen en ondersteunen om de omgeving in gebruik te nemen zoals dat past bij hun wensen en ambities.

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  • Stedenbouw geschiedenisboek, compleet maar niet vernieuwend
    • Volledig
    • Te theoretisch
    • Moeilijk leesbaar
    • geen nieuwe informatie

    Geschreven bij Building and Dwelling

    Dit boek beschrijft diepgaand de geschiedenis van stedenbouw tot nu toe. De hoofdstukken over stedenbouw van de toekomst zijn kort en oppervlakkig beschreven. Het boek geeft mij als stedenbouwkundige geen nieuwe informatie of inzichten. Jammer, daar had ik wel op gehoopt gezien de achtergrond van deze schrijver.
    De schrijfstijl van dit boek is theoretisch en wetenschappelijk. Ik vond het boek moeilijk door te komen door de lange zinnen.

    NB: Ik denk dat dit boek wél een aanrader is voor mensen die (nog) niet bekend zijn in de wereld van stedenbouw.

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  • Must read
    • Heldere boodschap

    Geschreven bij Building and Dwelling

    Net zo goed en rijk als de Ambachtsman van Sennett

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  • Verplichte kost voor gemeentebestuurders
    • helpt bij het nadenken over de toekomst van de sta
    • af en toe wel pittig vereist concentratie

    Geschreven bij Building and Dwelling

    Boeiende historie van denken en praktijk van de stedenbouw

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februari 2018
Ebook formaat
Adobe ePub


Richard Sennett Sennett Richard
Sennett Richard

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Ethics for the City
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