Career Success-Networking & Interviewing An innovative approach to effective Networking and Interviewing

Career Success-Networking & Interviewing
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  • september 2015
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The scope of the book is to highlight the significance of Networking and Interviewing while it provides you with the skills and tools necessary to explore your career potential and ultimately help you accomplish your career objectives effectively, efficiently and productively. In other words, you will be shown ways to identify and land the ideal career, not just a job, with the best possible benefits. In doing so, you will learn how to secure the best career opportunity, for the skills, knowledge and expertise you possess. Below are specific comments that readers have made about the book: We liked the fact that the book underlines the significance of preparing for a successful career well before the interview begins. The reader understands the importance of interviewing professionally. What we‘ve seen is candidates who seem to have been prepared for the interview the night before; they do well with certain questions they ‘ve memorized responses to and then….. they show their true self, they struggle for an answer. With this text, you enrich your interviewing skills and it prepares you for any situation. You have over 500 questions to practice with; and many of them are role-played. The fact that the text is divided into four distinct parts, clearly underlines the importance of what needs to take place during each part. The Networking segment is very comprehensive. Most of the career planning texts we’ve seen, devote minimal time to Networking, if any. Here the reader will learn about: The need to Network Types of Networking contacts (Formal-Informal-Educational) The unpublished market and how to take advantage of it Tips on how to Network effectively Networking tools and how to use them for optimum results Modern Networking using social-digital media Next, the In-Person Interview is explored. It begins with the different types of interviews and it provides you specific skills and techniques on how to conduct yourself when you are interviewed by: The Human Resource manager The hiring authority, the departmental manager A recruiter A group of interviewers A group of interviewers via video A technical authority via a computer A company executive via the telephone The third part covers the type of professional behavior candidates should exhibit during the interview. Here you have questions and answers that are asked during this stage, with examples and role-playing. What we liked most was the fact that such questions and answers are classified in those asked during the first and those asked during the second interview. In addition, there are examples of questions that should be asked by the candidate during the first and second interview. In addition, this segment pays special attention to the college graduate. Unlike most people who have been employed, college graduates represent a unique category of candidates. There are special questions that are usually asked and covered in this text. Also, the questions college graduates ask the interviewer are different from those asked by someone who has been employed for a while; and these questions are also not just covered but role-played. Finally, this segment addresses a unique concept, the aggressive interviewer. Aggressive interviewers want to see how you act-behave under stress. In this segment, you have guidance on how to interview under stressful conditions. In the fourth and final part, the book covers all actions needed to take place after the interview. Here you have the “Interview Assessment” the “do’s and don'ts” of follow ups, what to do when you receive an offer for employment or a letter of rejection. At the end the book also offers a segment where you can work out and practice your interview. We are confident you will find it extremely beneficial.



september 2015
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252 pagina's



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