Cheating Mormon Wives, Compilation #1 (Books ONE Through NINE) EBOOK

Auteur: Lady Devreux
  • Engels
  • E-book
  • 9780463150061
  • april 2020
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Life can be hard for a woman of the faith- submitting to one's husband, bringing souls into the world, and constantly fighting the urge to stray from the bounds of one's eternal marriage are all challenges that every proper wife of Deseret must face.

When these wives choose to stray, the most proper of members become the most primal of women, their temporal desires over-riding any concerns they may have about the eternal consequences of their actions!

The first NINE books of the Cheating Mormon Wives Series.

For adults only, 18+

Includes the following books:
  • Adeline Gets Spanked!

    Adeline is tired of the loud, immoral music that her nineteen year old neighbor likes to play when his parents aren't home. After her husband fails to convince Brandon to stop playing his music so loud, she decides to go over there herself- only to fall victim to her own dirty desires for his hard young cock!

  • Ardyth Gets Blacked!

    Ardyth has been a doctor for a very long time, tending to the needs of her community in the same way that she fulfills the requirements of her faith. When a language barrier with a new African patient forces her to demonstrate masturbation, Ardyth cannot help but violate her professional and religious ethics!

  • Bailey Gets Bred!

    Bailey married her widowed bishop, but one thing that her older husband cannot give her is a soul to bring into the world. When they let out a room to a recent convert, an accidental encounter in the bathroom leads to some very non-church approved breeding!

  • Belinda Gets Banged!

    Belinda took a part time job as a fast food manager, because living in Utah is a lot more expensive than it used to be. When she catches three of her employees adding in their own special ingredients to a drum of secret sauce bound for export, Belinda soon learns what a real triple meat stack is!

  • Briley Makes The Sale!

    Briley may be the youngest realtor at her agency, but she will do whatever it takes to make a deal go through. When her boss promises a double commission for anyone who can sell an undesirable property in West Valley City, Briley is bound and determined to offload it, even if that means she has throw in some special services as part of the sale!

  • Cathy Chooses Wrong!

    Cathy hates going out of state, but when her best friend in California needs her to help, Cathy doesn't think twice about the trip. Stopping at a rest stop to freshen up, she is mystified to find that the bathroom is not labeled- and instead of walking into the ladies' room, she chooses the wrong door. Just as she is leaving, a redneck shows up, and he demands that she prove she is a woman- when she angrily demands that he prove he is a man, he does so in a very backwoods way!

  • Chastity Chooses Sin!

    Chastity is the only one at her restaurant who is Mormon, and while she is used to her co-workers being crude, she is not used to walking in on them having sex with each other! No matter how wrong it is, she can't help but sin when she is presented with a choice she never expected!

  • Connie Catches Cheaters!

    Connie is president of the Relief Society, and while she tries not to be a gossip, she can't help but notice her non-Mormon neighbor and his immoral ways. When she sees him, butt naked, in his backyard over the fence, she decides enough is enough- taking out her cellphone so she has proof of his indecency, she just about to take a video, when she sees that Shane is not alone- but in the company of the Bishop's wife- and her shock causes her to drop the phone, giving herself away!

  • Dana Gets Disciplined!

    Dana believes in her faith, but that doesn't keep her from drinking a cup of coffee, and even from sneaking a beer or two from time to time. Her husband, a weak man, is too entranced by her looks to get her in line with the moral codes of the church. When the bishop catches discovers her attitude, he decides it's time to teach this young Mormon wife some discipline!

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    april 2020
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    Lady Devreux

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