Christ in My Life; Called to Wake the Churches Called to Wake the Churches

Taal: Engels
Christ in My Life; Called to Wake the Churches
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781503015708
  • november 2014
  • 240 pagina's
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Christ In My Life; Called To Wake The Churches is the story of John Arthur Olson’s life before and after he came into a personal relationship with Christ. First, we watch him grow up and trace the fingertips of God shaping the events of his life long before he was even aware of it. Then we begin to see what God can do with a yielded life, as God puts a call on John’s life to reach out to others.We celebrate with him when he meets and marries Cara and then we cry with him when he loses her tragically. We rejoice with him when he is awakened to the reality of a living Lord. We walk along with him as he recovers from his wife’s loss and begins to experience the life transformation that it is to be a follower of Christ. We look on as God takes an ordinary man and places an extraordinary calling on his life; to wake the church of Christ from its sleepiness. He urges it to live in active obedience to the God who will soon return to the earth He created. He will return to judge and destroy sin and then remodel and renovate His earth and rule here forever. John tells us that Christians must prepare their hearts!In the second part of this book, John takes the lukewarm church as spoken of in Revelation 3:14-22 to task. He unmasks the deception of “name it and claim it” teaching so prevalent in America today. He urges churches who have supplanted scriptural biblical teaching with political correctness to return to the true God and His true Word as found in the Bible.He shares his experience as a new person in Christ with those who have questions about faith and God. He covers simply and cogently perplexing questions such as the Trinity and the Holy Spirit. He offers help and hope to those who, like him, have experienced suffering in their life. He shows how to begin a new relationship with God and offers down to earth insights for living as a new or renewed Christian. He cuts through the clutter and tells us what to expect when the time of Christ’s return to earth happens.He warns us all that in these perilous end times, we cannot afford as churches or individuals to have a casual, half- baked faith. The Lord is returning soon to claim his bride – the church- and we must be ready!



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240 pagina's



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Called to Wake the Churches
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