Cities of Gold EBOOK Tooltip A Journey Across the American Southwest

Auteur: Douglas Preston
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  • maart 2014
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Douglas Preston

Douglas Preston werd geboren in Cambridge, Massachusetts en groeide op in Wellesley, in dezelfde staat. In 1978 studeerde hij af aan Pomona College in Claremont, California. Hij trad in dienst bij het American Museum of Natural History in New York, waar hij veel publicaties van het museum begeleidde. Daarnaast schreef hij acht jaar lang columns voor het tijdschrift Natural History. In 1989 ondernam Preston samen met fotograaf Walter Nelson een reis van duizend mijl en trok hij te paard door de woestijnen van Arizona en New Mexico. Ze volgden de route die de Spaanse ontdekkingsreiziger Coronado in 1540-42 aflegde op zijn zoektocht naar de Zeven Steden van Goud. Een aantal ervaringen van deze reis zijn terug te vinden in De verloren stad, een thriller die Preston samen met Lincoln Child schreef. In 1988 verhuisde Preston naar Santa Fe, New Mexico, om full-time te kunnen schrijven. Hij woont op een kleine ranch in de bergen, samen met zijn vrouw Christine en hun drie kinderen. Douglas Preston is de broer van Richard Preston, de auteur van Het Killervirus.


This new ebook edition of Cities of Gold includes for very first time over 100 never-before-published photographs taken during the author's epic, thousand mile horseback journey across Arizona and New Mexico. It also includes many rare and extraordinary historical photographs of the Old West, Native Americans, pioneers, prospectors, Indian pueblos, and vanished landscapes.

The Old West's last glimmers flicker through this piercingly beautiful adventure, an unforgettable saga in which Preston, astride his horse Popeye, traverses the desert and mountain wilderness of Arizona and New Mexico retracing the trail-blazing 1540-41 expedition of Spanish Explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado in search of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold In place of the mythical winning of the West, Preston unfolds a harrowing tale of loss." Publishers Weekly

The entire book is a sheer pleasure to read." The San Diego Union-Tribune

A Blue Highways on horseback, well worth the trip." Kirkus Reviews

A riveting yarn, with as many turns as a switchback road." The Christian Science Monitor

A fearful, fascinating tale." Los Angeles Times

A journey of historical importance." The New York Times

By setting out with a companion and four horses to track Coronado's army across a thousand miles of brutal desert and mountain country, from the Mexican border through Arizona and New Mexico, the author is ready to risk his life to try to see with his own eyes, as it were, that moment, 450 years ago, when the peoples of the Old World and New World first encountered each other' and quickly began the strife-torn redefining of America. Throughout the book, Preston intersperses the original reports and memoirs of Coronado's adventure with accounts of his own party's hard progress, making the centuries dissolve into a common, first-person, present-tense narrative. And along the way he records stories of the people and places he encounters, making brief excursions into mining booms and busts, the history of livestock ranching, the impact of barbed wire and windmills, the first mail routes, homesteading, the destruction of the Indian nations, and much more." Smithsonian Magazine

Douglas Preston is a journalist and author who has published twenty-six books, nonfiction and fiction, several of which have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. In addition to Cities of Gold he is the author of several books on Southwestern history, including Talking to the Ground and The Royal Road. Preston is the co-creator, with Lincoln Child, of the Pendergast series of novels, including Relic and The Cabinet of Curiosities-both of which were named in a National Public Radio listener poll as being among the 100 greatest suspense novels ever written. Preston's most recent nonfiction book, The Monster of Florence, is being made into a movie starring George Clooney. Preston also writes for the New Yorker magazine, the Atlantic and Smithsonian, and he taught nonfiction writing at Princeton University. He divides his time between Maine and New Mexico.

Walter W. Nelson began his creative career in 1967 and it has spanned a period of 40 years. He first explored the field of photography, traveling around the world, discovering spiritual places, deep landscapes, places of origin, experimenting with abstract colors and textures, always seeking the visual heart of existence in the desert, mountains, canyons, rivers, and cities of the world. He later branched out to painting and sculpture, and combined all three into an ever-expanding visual tapestry of mind and consciousness. My life and my art," N

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maart 2014
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Douglas Preston Walter W Nelson
Walter W Nelson
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