Close Your Eyes to Find Your Way A Guide to Discovering Your Higher Self

Taal: Engels
Close Your Eyes to Find Your Way
  • Engels
  • Paperback
  • 9781441509758
  • april 2009
  • 136 pagina's
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''Get to know yourself, and you will come to know a miracle!''

The author

When you make a conscious decision to create a better life, it is in that specific moment that the quality of your life takes a leap for the better. In this way, the conscious mind expresses its power. Keep in mind, however, it is the subconscious faculties of the mind that may either support or override that conscious decision. In other words, a conscious decision is short-lived unless it becomes planted into the subconscious mind as your reality. Understanding this is vital to the success of whatever program you use to better the quality of your life.

Welcome to a new understanding.

The very first chapter gets right into helping you with a simple, effective exercise that actually brings you to a place of uncluttered consciousness. This exercise is about letting go of all of our external baggage to find our essence. This external baggage can include feelings inspired by our past programming and experiences, the labels we use to identify who we are, our emotions, and the uncertainties we may have about or future.

Once this essence is revealed, the book goes on to explore the different views that exist and how they can all be traced back to this same essence. All conflict that exists between views, thus, is of a superficial nature. All diversity that exists is on a superficial level, and diversity is all a part of the grand scheme of nature. Nature loves diversity. And from uninhibited diversity balance is achieved.

It is when this balance is interrupted, or even threatened, that conflict results. The book reminds us that in every case where conflict results, that its cause can easily be traced back to superficial disharmony. It is from this understanding that all answers are to be found by returning to this place of uncluttered consciousness. Once the foundation for finding harmony is well established, the focus of the book then shifts to defining and exploring the keys of success.

Almost without exception, the stories of the most successful have been wrought with a period of self-doubt or suffering prior to their success. I have written a very special chapter to address this issue. Essentially, this is an inspirational chapter that can give strength during this frustrating time.

It is true there are numerous books on the market that treat the subject of personal growth. The general consensus of these books is that we simply need to change our perspective to affect positive change in our lives. Although they are right on in their advice and revealing in their explanations, the common approach they teach has been purely intellectual. The trouble with simply trying to maintain a more positive perspective with a purely intellectual approach is that it is so darn hard to avoid being exposed to opposite views. Consider how we are literally inundated with negativity on a daily basis by the media, friends, family, etc.

Like dieting, simply trying to change our perspective doesnt work in the long run. A purely intellectual attempt is a conscious attempt. It excludes the subconscious mind, where some ninety percent of our mental activity takes place, including our habits.

Close Your Eyes is written in a way to inspire thought on a more profound level than simply intellectual. It is written on an emotional level to connect with our feelings. This emotional element is necessary for the information to take hold on a subconscious level.

In summary, this book deals more with the journey itself to success. It gives a unique perspective of what to expect along-the-way that other books tend to overlook. For this reason, I feel this book is unique and will fill a nic



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136 pagina's


Jeffrey B. Brandt Jeffrey B. Brandt
Jeffrey B. Brandt



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A Guide to Discovering Your Higher Self

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